Origin of the white/light skin color... Guyz check this

Being a Sunday i figured out that you guys must have time to get enlightened by this great man i stumbled upon. Kumbe the white man originated from the Black man centuries ago?
I read here on this forum that the white man was as a result of fallen angels who had sex with earth occupants (this is total horseshit BTW).
After doing weeks of research, i stumbled upon Louis Farrakhan, this guy was in the same class as Malcom x and Mohammed Ali and is still very
alive and kicking at 88 years of age. Ive been watching him on youtube for weeks now and am sure he can change the perception of many of us here,
after-which i thought i should share this interesting video on ! the origin of the white man. He has alot of interesting videos on youtube which you can watch
at your pleasure. @Mbingwa scrotum after listening to this you will be a very proud somali and wont wanna be associated with the arabic skin color you so much crave for.



farrakhan is a fraud. You cannot be christian/muslim and pan african or pro black man.

A man has to make a living.

At your own time also check out Leo mohammed a follower of farrahkan…