Organized Religion

People should learn to connect with their creator on a more individual level. Find ways to please their creator by being compassionate and helpful to others. Be of purpose. Organized religion was never meant to help people achieve this.

The day people learn to practice their spirituality, pray, perform Swalat, practice the teachings of the talmud on a more private level, the day people eliminate the importance of organized religion, levels of peace will significantly increase.

Have a smooth sunday ninjas and ninjettes

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A homosexual called Elton John is one you want to take your advice from? Smh…

:slight_smile: I dont cherrypick advice based on one perceived failure of a person. I have learned to appreciate the wholesomeness of individuals.

Damn shit.
Keep you religion to yourself, there is no evident any of those mythical stories existed!

If you have been keen, you should have realized am not a religious person. But am spiritual. Thanks for the advise though.