Organised smart and financially stable man

why do women hate a financially stable man who is single and smart? Utaskia huyo hawezi kaa Na bibi juu ya usafi, pesa yake ni ya wash wash, yeye ni shoga, ako na ukimwi since 1990 all those derogatory statements.
Meanwhile men don’t talk ill of a single childless senior spinster

Bro, wewe haujui wanawake… its fucking reverse psychology.

Add being a senior bachelor/ senior divorcee in kenya warrants anyone to call you gay…anyway people are still winding down from traditions that shunned solitude. Take your time marry at 40 50 or even 70 to THE RIGHT PERSON. Those people castigating you deep down wish they could turn their lives around and have better companions

They don’t hate them, they hate that they can’t have them. Also, women are conditioned from a very young age to know that men need their affection and will do anything for it. It bothers them to see a man who is happy and fulfilled without a woman because it shows that we can actually live without them.

True, they simply can’t wrap them in uhuru bags

This must be the main reason. Y would I commit to one woman who will star dictating who I talk to or how I should spend my hard earned cash? Y should I take alot of cash and commit myself to in-laws because of a woman whom my predecessors have drilled with impunity?

Hao ni Bitter women wale slices zimeshakuliwa na alpha male amemalaysia to the deepest corner to the darkest corner of mau forest

Never mind about anyone’s opinion

:D:D:D:D:D… Women can’t accept that a man who is capable of providing for them and their children can choose to be single and FREE !!! This is why women hate MGTOW Men with a passion.

You stated it clearly…dumb weak people hate on what they know they can’t have and don’t understand why they can’t have it

Hi ni mpya…havent witnessed nor experienced that na niko hio category…not a birrionaire just doing fine and not stingy…on the contrary mi hupata offers from all sorts of girls and women.
Problem starts when you refuse to fuck her ati lonely lover nikuje (huku kwetu thats can i come over tonight sana sana used by frustrated wives and school girls, checks in your crib like at 10pm checks out 5am)…or you fuck her twice thrice and replace her ki roho safi…to make matters worse with a chick shes pals with or knows…then chaos ina anza hapo.

Birrionea umebonya point hapo. Kakadu inakupeleka aje

Kevin Samuel addressed this issue yesterday… This bro knows how to cut them to size. His live is entertaining.

Vuteni crate moja moja kila mtu hapo chini ya counter, @boy wa Rongai kuja na opener ufungulie hawa wakubwa chupa

Women and jealousy are like blood sisters. Anytime you hear a woman talking condescendingly about you or a certain particular man, just know that she hates that she can’t cant have him. Phrases like; You are so disgusting, i hate you, you are so cheap/stingy, you are not even all that, you are gay, you ain’t even my type (said with rage or bitterness), You are a player, iki kiboy kimeniboo, can’t date guys like will suffice. Women cannot stand a man who doesn’t need them, it’s traumatizing to them, so they have to construct or rationalize some bullshit to make themselves feel better and worthy…Fuck their bullshit, do your own shit.

Mumeingilia wanawake sana, senye bado ni tamu.

provided unaingia karura after that

you are living life. I had a friend pia alihamia one of those interior counties. Siku hizi ukimwambia nairobi mnakosana

weh, wacha niende nisome comments za wamama

Amenyorosha huyo single mother na maneno sawasawa