organic farming

anyone whose is a farmer and exclusively carrying out organic farming in that farm,when dealing with crop cultivation only? i would like to ask a few field related questions.

unataka kusaidiwa thesis ama

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Ive never understood what is meant by organic farming considering we are in africa and arent growing stuff using methods like hydroponics. Isnt the fact that we just throw the seed in the ground, wait for it to rain or we water the crop, weed and spray insecticide and then harvest the stuff make it organic? Or am I missing something here?

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Visit KOAN offices at ICIPE complex, Kasarani. They are very helpful.


hydroponics is being used in many flower farms in naivasha but it has not fully spred throughout the country,organic farming is the cultivation of without using inputs with adverse effects such as the chemicals. so there is no use of pestcides or herbicides and its not insectcide.we use the traditional methods such as the use of ash but there is a certificate given after it has been proved that the soil is chemical free and the crops do not have chemicals.

thanks thou i wanted to deal with an individual practising it

So im also an orgarnic farmer…i dont use any chemicals for my sukuma and onions in my garden…i dont even irrigate because tap water contains chlorine


When you are done please enlighten us a little more. Im curious to know what kind of yield farmers would get if they didnt use any pesticides, herbicides etc…and what of using seeds that are engineered to be resistant to pests and disease. Won’t they have the “chemicals” already built into their biological structure? are they then not considered organic?

You should irrigate your crops so long as the water is pure and the pH of the water suits the crop

In terms of yields, I can assure you they get more, instead of using chemicals they use biological such as the cucumeris ambleysius

@Tris, can this link help you?

Am floating ile mbaya hata hakuna part ya mwili iko chini ya meniscus

Thanks it will be of help

Where the seed is from and what you use as fertilizer determines if it’s organic or not.

Maoni yangu:
In organic farming you use compost manure not DAP/CAN/NPK,

You use predator insects/ plants to control insects such as white flies. No pesticides,

And other such agronomic practices…

These are the guys who certify your produce. They also connect you to the market, hata export ukitaka.

Na ukitumia compost kama ya kuku ya gredi zilizolishwa kemikali?