Ordinary women shouldn’t expect extraordinary men.

There is this niggling girl who writes a column named ‘City Girl’ for the Daily Nation. She normally expounds on the type of her ideal man and , expectedly, she has some weird expectations, just like other plastic ‘city girls’. No, I am no sucker and I understand too well that, like many other print ‘journalists’ she has no enviable writing talents and can only resort to provoking in order to attract the attention of readers. Still, I am aware that DN, like Standard, is trekking up Mediocrity Avenue and has to resort to gutter press tactics in order to capture readers.

Well, before I saw her photo/saw her on a local station , I believed that she was this hot, cute girl with a refined sense of style only to discover that she is nothing more than your typical plain Susan with all the traits of an ordinary ‘village girl’.

That’s not the point though. My point is: women have become so deluded in their expectations that a fat, average looking 5 foot woman with a pimply face and 30k as her salary expect this ‘tall, dark, RICH dude earning 300k per month’. Due to proliferation of foreign soap operas, many women have very weird expectations in as far as ‘love’ is concerned. Although they have nothing to show for their 30 years of existence, they expect to meet a man with a house in Runda, 3 luxury cars, a big title, a fat bank account and with a generous heart to spend lavishly on her. This is plain stupid. They expect a ready made man. How idiotic is it for a woman with only some funny diploma in PR to expect a lover with PhD? How silly is it for a woman residing in umoja to think that she cannot date guys from eastlands?

Look: if you expect your potential partner to be earning 300k, at least you ought to be earning 150k. Full stop. If you expect your potential partner to be worth 50 million, you better be worth at least 25 million yourself. Otherwise, which man, earning 200k, will agree to move in with a clueless woman with no job? And most probably, when the man was struggling with books, the woman was just dishing out her pu$$y to all the hoods’ loafers?

If you don’t posses a model’s body, stop demanding for these rich handsome prince charmings!

If you aren’t beautiful, stop demanding for handsome men(whatever being handsome means).

If you’re from kayole, stop dreaming of Runda men.

The problem with Nairobi women is that they’ve got this sense of entitlement. Of course this is because they believe that they are ‘the cutest most innocent angels’ who deserve the very best of men. Just because a hood loafer told you that you are amazing and special(in order for him to f*ck you) doesn’t mean you are amazing and special. In fact, most of Nairobi women are plain susans with morals that bear remarkable semblance with those of k-street women. Get off those illusionary castles and look out for ordinary men because most of you are not special in any way.

If, as a woman, you are generally a loser in life, look out for a fellow loser. Don’t think you’ll hide your incompetence behind a successful man.
Just imagine how Obama’s presidential campaign would have been disastrous if he had married a b.itchy, lazy, clueless, uneducated AA woman


True, it’s very difficult these days to get a humble woman.One who will comply with living in poverty and work alongside her man till they make it in life.That’s why i usually advocate for marrying of village women, they can be easily moulded.

@karl marx your writing style is a mix between Oyunga Pala and Steve Biko. You deserve a column in one of the weekend dailies and educate these Nairobian lasses.

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A neighbor did that and four years down the line the village “house wife” has three kids with one more on the way. He does not have many friends lakini kuna siku tulilewa naye after kua tipsy he started ranting how the woman does nothing other than kuzaa, vile the village woman anaona wamefika sababu wako na NZE na a furnished rented apartment sasa ni kuzaa hadi mwili ikata. The man was very bitter. That is why I say, if I ever marry, I will look for a woman that will challenge me and push me to concur other lands i.e. an enlightened woman, sio yule akiona mko na ka toyota na a 42" LED, fridge, microwave na ujinga zingine in the rented house anadhani sasa ameundiwa nest ya kuangua mayai elfu mbili.


@Ice_Cube which is better mke amerelax kazi ni kuzaa au malaya mwenye hawezi tulia kazi ni kutangatanga.

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pia huyo wa ocha anaweza kua malaya pia

Highly unlikely, unless achanuliwe.

and it is only a matter of time, kumbuka wewe ukiwa job ana spend the day kwa salon na the estate sluts that have been banged by makangas, it is only a matter of time before atake kujua vijana wengine wa Nairobi wakoje

Hehehehe… Another favourited thread… Keep em coming…

So it is about the body and not what is between their ears.
With your recent listing i have found that your understanding of relationships between a man and a woman is very warped.;):wink:

Let’s be honest, on both sexes kuna some level of irresponsibility ime creep in and its getting harder to relate at a mature level. A gd job,car ,a fat wallet,a gd neighbourhood, fancy degrees have got no correlation with being a gd woman or man. Its CHARACTER…that truly defines us.


I agree with this. there are those women who are willing to be a companion to you for better or for worse and are educated and very intelligent. the problem is this type is usually not very attractive. It is the kind you see some super rich men with. By super rich I do not mean some upper middle class wannabe in some Harrier/landcruiser or Range bought through sweat and blood/loan, I mean super rich. If you get an intelligent, reasonable, understanding, attractive girl you are lucky because that combination is rare. In most cases, you get one who intelligent and attractive, but is always plotting on how to control you, lying, and doing things behind your back.

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@old monkey…hahaha…we may live as society but we bear the consequences of our actions alone.

@old monkey…hahaha…we may live as a society but we bear the consequences of our actions alone.

I am saying that the super rich rarely have attractive women. Dont get the piece wrong.