Orchestra plays medley of 30 hiphop tracks

This was pretty good:


You guy, the choice of your handle reaffirms that Nairobi is our home and we get laid. We ooze fiennes and we are world class. A fuçking polish orchestra playing classics! The choice is of someone who knows music we grew up listening too. If you don’t have a connection hang yourself. You don’t have a fĂșcking life.

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That C.R.E.A.M by Wu Tang arrangement was just too lush:eek::eek:. The ‘What’s The Difference’ one as well. Simon Says by Pharaoh Monch was too menacing!!
Nitatukanwa hapa, but how good did Anaconda sound?
And the conductor’s ear to the crowd when Get Your Freak On started playing:D

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Go home, you’re drunk.

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Nah, jus started.

hii ilinipita aje?? this is some good shit

this is what RZA was trying with the Iron flag album, idon’t know why it flooped!!!.. GFK called it chamber music.