Smoking, chewing tobacco and excessive boozing have long been blamed for causing mouth cancer - but they are set to be overtaken by ORAL SEX.

The shock revelation comes due to the alarming increase of throat cancer cases caused by HPV, or the human papillomavirus .

Those who love oral sex habari ndio hiyo.

Tueleze kwanza hii ni dance gani mnacheza hapa na Bingwa?


Bingwa unasumbua


Is @Bingwa the reach hubby?

no teabagging, no bjs, no road test, no outside catering. makena unataka tuishi aje na mawifey?

https://scontent-cdg2-1.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s640x640/sh0.08/e35/18722538_1511428455576096_8779608332135563264_n.jpg kwa wale wanaielwa…Georgina ameipiga marufuku

They always talk about using dental dams na hata sijawahi kuona hiyo kitu inakaaje na inapatikana wapi. We gotta be careful folks. There’s a HPV vaccine Gardasil recommended for teenies lakini baby boomers and generation X hatuna bahati

@GeorginaMakena unataka tuishi aje madam?

Si you cum we see if those dental dams work?:wink:

unnatural ways, deadly in their ways.

Manze ningependa mujienjoy but manze I dont think you want to die of cancer just coz of Oral Sex. Hebu Google Michael Douglas the guy says it himself he got throat cancer from eating the cat, so its your choice guys oral sex or cancer or missionary and none of this terminal illnesses. Chaguo ni lako juu throat na mdomo ni yako. Dont blame me bana. You sound like yaani am telling you not to have sex, well I havent said that Ive just said, have sex after you married and then keep it missionary sawa mblo? Staki uende Chemo juu ya kukula puusi , aki si poa. Nawafeel but jo what to do? Ni ma missionary tuu sasa zimebaki ziko safe.


Pwegegegege niaje Jiranny? Eh ulkua umeficha white lakini nimekutambua

The fact that MD got it doesn’t mean that everyone else who eats the cat will get it.

My grand dad smoked for close to 60 and did not die of cancer.

Wachaneni na sisi.

sawa buda. enjoy chemotherapy

umekaa kijiji hadi umeanza kubonga kama odinare…hehe

Well, it’s not entirely true. There are hundreds of strains of HPV, and not all of them cause cancer. Some are even asymptomatic. It’s the high risk types that cause throat cancer.
As for me, I will lick that kitty dry every chance I get…

Is there a way to screen which your bae has? Or you just hope they have the harmless one?

Which reminds me;