Oppo Reno 5 Pro Plus launches with a Snapdragon 865 & 50MP Sony camera

Oppo Reno 5 Pro Plus is the definitive headliner. Weighing in at just under 185 grams with an 8mm thick body, it also sports s 6.55-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sample rate. The screen also boasts HDR10+ certification.

Internally, a Snapdragon 865 chipset features alongside a maximum of 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. An 8GB/128GB model is also on offer. Both packages are powered by a 4,500mAh battery with 65W charging support for swift top-ups.

As for imaging, the Reno 5 Pro Plus is headlined by a brand-new 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor with OIS/EIS at the rear. Joining it is a 16MP wide-angle camera, a 13MP telephoto lens, and a 2MP macro lens. The selfie camera is powered by a 32MP sensor.

Is it able carry out more advanced tasks such as handling high resolution videos and graphic-heavy games without draining the battery? What about load time?

Wewe msee mwenye unastream 480p mbona uhitaji kustream high resolution video on a phone when you watch 480p on a screen??? Video ga.es should be played on consoles and PCs, please

Hizo specs zote ju tu ya porn

Coz i have an 8 core ,snapdragon 845 phone so i need to know if i shoukd change to oppo for 2021:cool: . Remind me what 480 is pissant?

kuna ya ngiri kumi jaluo…techno12 ni waste

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At predicted princely price of about KSh70,000, even 80K, perhaps, its funny how this and similarly priced phones are nowadays classified as midrangers. Evolution is real!

As for me I’d still pick the Galaxy note 9, the Galaxy Note 10, or the LG V60 over this reno 5 Pro plus. Hell! I would even pick the older LG Velvet, even if its with a lesser snapdragon!!

Oppo has a really nice engineering department. Having a metallic phone with telephoto zoom camera with a weight of 184 gms is remarkable.

All Xiaomi phones with a telephoto lens are condemned to weighing above 220 gms yet their performance especially when it comes to battery life will lag behind. Not to mention the price difference does not adequately compensate for the extra weight you have to endure while using the phone.

It also shocking that no phone on their lineup weighs less than 185 gms yet their battery life is far worse than phones weighing 143 gms. There is no excuse

You, like me, seem to have a beef with my erstwhile dearest Naomi. But, I don’t really like oppo very much. There is something about oppo, I can’t tell exactly what, that puts me off.

Oh! And I am still pushing the gospel of older flagships instead of currently trending midrangers.

Many people associate Oppo with feminism. There products are regarded as women’s. I guess thats wjere the beef comes from. With that being said… Inise Oppo earbuds

I also don’t like Oppo, I appreciate that it’s the mother company in the BBK group of companies though. I prefer Vivo more due to its willingness to experiment on new stuff. Nowaday’s I am indifferent to Oppo… At least they try to innovate especially with fast charging tech

I also like old flagships but these are devices one has to test thoroughly before purchasing. The reputation of the seller also matters. But in most cases, no one will allow you to test a phone if you aren’t purchasing. Also phone batteries tend to degrade over time even if they are in a box with zero usage. But the bigger problem is ending with a poorly refurbished phone. I also have no problem with manufacturer refurbished phones, I just don’t trust seller refurbished ones and apparently it’s so hard to differentiate. But ukipata simu poa ni sawa. Enjoy.

There’s just a lot of issues involved with refurbs that I completely fail to understand why a person is so much into them

The original word was older flagships. Last year or 2 flagships. These are phones you can still get brand new at hugely discounted prices. The Reno 5 Pro, a midranger, is poised to sell at over 70K. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, a 2019 top flagship, a surely more superior handset than the opo Reno 5 Pro, is still available brand new, and it goes for about the same amount or even much less on several platforms.

The only company that doesn’t seem to discount its older flagships by much is Huawei. The 2017 Huawei Mate 10 is still available new, the Porsche edition is over 100k and the regular mate 10 is over 60k!

I once bought a HTC 8s (windows phone) about 10 years ago. I realized the phone was refurbished in the first week of usage. Funny thing the phone was in a nice box with warranty stickers and all. I usually buy my phones from resellers (mostly bestbuy/target/walmart) and I avoid brand stores coz they rarely discount phones. So to avoid refurbs I only buy my phones within the first six months after launch from retailers that indicate if the phone is a refurb or not. I bought my HTC in some shop in Nairobi, something similar to Avechi.


The specs alone speak for itself.

If a phone is more than 60 k just buy a refurbished flagship like Samsung galaxy s10 which is around 60k