OPPO is all set to launch its new speedy sophisticated OPPO A71 in Kenya

OPPO, the leading global technology brand is all set to launch its new speedy and sophisticated camera phone OPPO A71 in Kenya coming mid of this month.

This device will have decent specifications, offering speedy operation, best user experience and even more exciting appearance with a price in the budget friendly segment and will be available across the country.

Talk about the specifications and appearance according to insiders, the OPPO A71 will be black and 4G enabled, offering a 5.2 inch display, a premium look with curves on the edges, metal texture and an elegant curvature for good hand feeling and still be lighter and slimmer.

As for the camera it will enable users to capture images even in the dark with the innovative camera technology that can take up to 50MP High resolution ultra HD- pictures.

The company is yet to reveal the full specifications of the phone locally but quotes to offer an advanced CPU, hardware and appearance to the new device including a crush proof hardware structure that makes it the most durable smartphone ever.

Quoting to have a special arrangement for the launch event the information remain scanty at the moment but definitely with such arrangements it will make the device the best mid-end entry in this market.

Like 80% of people i know who have oppos have cracked/broken screens

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Kill my hapa ananunua iPhone X wewe unatuletea Oppochieth

hao wako careless nani.

hahahaha… wewe uko na gani…?

Definitely not this chieth hapo juu

Taja jina …Bwana

Hii uwongo imezidi. Ati Oppo iko na 50MP camera na ni Crush proof :D:D

why do they call their phones ati Camera Phone.


My Oppo camera iliacha kuwork. Greatly reduced the value of the phone.

Most of there phones have 16 MP camera selfie focused.

Hapo Noma what did you do?/ ulipaka mafuta???

Hahahahahahha…we ngoja Tuone …Ndo utajua…

Utajua Hujui

:D:D:D Oppo mashida tupu

Hahahahahhahahahahahha. …hapo sijui mimi ni messenger tu

hehehe simu yako parent company yake ni OPPO

Chapa yeye na ukweli

I know. Nakojolea thread tu

Hehehe wacha Peasants wajibambe bana