OPPO Find X3


Yet to be launched

Specs look amazing. Lakini acha @Nyamgondho afanye review with weight being his main factor. Nyamgondho how much do you weigh?? Could it be true that you’re a kijana fupi nono round hence your projecting your desires on phones??


I predict the price to be over usd950. I mind about the price. But an apparently very beautiful phone, really!

The Oppo Find X2 brought a lot of wonders in the smartphone world. The innovations I remember well were

  1. The fastest charging technology on earth with 65W Supervooc system.

  2. World’s first billion colours display ( The previous max was 8-bit colour = 16M colours)

I expect the Find X3 to move the smartphone world up another notch. This is usually a pricey phone but you also pay for innovation.

The first customer for this phone will of course be Apple and other similar competitors .

And btw people have to keep this in mind all the time.

  1. The reason we have phones that charge at 18w and above is because of Oppo’s innovation
  2. The reason we have better phone displays especially on cheap and midrange phones is because of Samsung’s innovation
  3. The reason we have fairly decent cameras on most phones is because of Huawei and lately google’s innovation

These brands gave us better technology than what some brands were giving at a premium price for a fair price.

Remember the days when Apple used to boast of Retina LCD display. Until Samsung came up with AMOLED. Now Apple buys displays from Samsung and has never boasted about RETINA shit ever since. Unanyamazishwa once and for all.

I feel this post could be helpful to the likes of @sona moja @ilonMask @Kenti4 and @Stickerbingo. To some extent also @Jimit

To some extent you’re bothering me.

:D:D:DNaomi lovers tulikuwa tumetulia tu

[SIZE=7]infinix is the future :D[/SIZE]

Tutangoja JerryRig atuonyeshe matumbo yake then decide

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