Opinion is like an Arse hole, everybody has got one which they think is 100% clean, when all of us can see or smell the kind of shit they emanate!
Drops Mic

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My first year lecturer told us this in the first class, na sijawahi sahau, “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if your opinion is not based on facts, then it is wrong.” Even in gossip, wamama hukosoana to make sure the mushene is accurate. All I can say, mtu akikuletea opinion yake…mwambie atoe facts/evidence…that’s a start to having a constructive debate.


17th sept 1+7= 8
26th sept 2+6= 8
So either date comes back to 8th August meaning wembe ni ule ule.

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Figsd! Sasa acha ukutwe na GeorginaMakena [/SIZE]

wazee wanongea na unaleta kiherehere yako hapo. Umbwa wewe!

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Sema mtu wa ki wallet. Si utoe fomu leo.