Openview HD vs Strong 4950H

I have the Strong 4950H decoder and someone told me that an Openview HD decoder is better as it autorolls keys and ensures smooth viewing… Is there anyone who has made a similar observation ama it’s sales talk? it’s going for 8500.

Umecheswo, open view only receives channels from S.A and its locked to one frequency.
you cant add other satellites or channels

Njoo kwa KODI na Netflix!

There is a certain dude on twitter by the name @techsawa has a lot of knowledge concerning satellite receivers. He once did a review on Openbox V8 decoder which has both dvb t2 & s2 on his blog:

Thank you very much for the replies. I was yet to fall for that. I will stick to strong decoder. Kodi ndio next… I have it kwa phone but it seemed a bit complex and I assumed it’s for laptops only. My net speed iko down bado. Openbox is a very sawa decoder and I may get to try it in the near future. maybe with a larger dish.

Wacha nitawaekea ‘hack’ ya kuona kodi kwa slow internet


hapo utatuokolea kaka hii buffering inatuua jo.thanks

OVHD is not really a FTA decoder, it’s what’d be called Free To View. You only watch OVHD channels on SES-5 @5°E and/or IS-20 @68.5°E.

Of the Strong decoders, none I have come across has autoroll. The best currently in the local market with this functionality would be Freesat V7 Combo. I believe @muzombozi can assist you acquire one.

unatumia dish size gani na lnb ngapi?

My dish size is 90… The DSTV kind… I have two…East and West… LNB pia ni mbili…one for each…

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Thanks a lot @Luther. I will follow up with him once I acquire a BUD.

thanks man me bado nang’ang’ana na setup ndo maana nko na maswali mingi ivi

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Huwa hivyo…I took time too and knew everything there was to know before I took the dive… I bought the decoder first and the rest came in later. Once I get safe compound,I will go for the BUD.