Open Box Combo

Hi villagers,

I am planning to buy an open box for my people in shags unfortunately, there is no fiber optic or any reliable cable internet connections in the area. For those of you who knows how it works, CAN IT WORK WITH A MOBILE PHONE HOTSPOT?

Yes, you small penised imbecile. Which data plan are you going to use that is sufficient for such heavy consumption?

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Any internet can do including mobile hotspot. Mobile internet is expensive when it comes to streaming because you’ll have to buy bundles since no mobile service provider offers unlimited internet. To stream 1 min of standard definition video, you consume atleast 4mb of data. Now you can do your maths.

Which seat are you vying for ??

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Hii sio kama ile ya strong inatumia satelite dish? FTA?

OpenBox imepitwa na wakati. And it doesn’t require internet.

Thanks, I use Airtel Unliminet for modem.*** The secret is that it is actually unlimited. Try it and thank me later

So ni gani haijapitwa na iko na channels za soccer?

You big penised imbecile there is a variety of ISPs like Airtel, which offers some good packages. Just do your research

To the best of my knowledge, EPL ni ya kulipiwa and is unavailable for free on satellite. However, using the net some iptv channels haziwezi kosa.

Hehehe, no seat sir…

So, Doctari, si nyinyi ndio mlituambia kuwa OpenBox ndio iko juu? Sasa ikiwa ilishapitwa na wakati, tuambieni tena ni ipi iliyo sawa kwa wakati huu, au sio? Thank you!

The one STB that, to me, has stood the test of time is Strong SRT 4950H. Even in the days of Openbox, this is what I was using. From the makers of openbox v8, they replaced it with Freesat v7 Combo which is perfect at the moment.

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umesahau 4922?

Hehe…yangu iko store.


For how much per month ?

Luther12, might you be aware of a trick on how I can downgrade Freesat V7 Combo? I tried using an earlier firmware after it started freezing on upgrading and it notified me that I can’t downgrade that I look for the latest firmware.

Uliza hili swali pale JF, jibu utapata from V7 aficionados. I’m team 4950H.

Safi Luther12, before I got it I had looked all over Nrb for 4950H but nilikuwa tu napata 4955. Kuna mahali wafahamu naweza nikaipata? (4950H)