Only Mzungus can save Kenya

The problem of kenya started when the great mzungus left and gave independence to black people who cant run a country. Kenya needs to be recolonized by THE great mzungus so we can start prospering again- #Make Kenya Great Again #MKGA . There is a reason why superman is white and not black, or why god is white and not black, or why everything which is evil is black. If black kenyan men refuse to give up power to mzungus then we kenyan women can marry mzungus and have half mzungu children boys instead who will be much smarter than black kenyan men and those boys will grow up and save kenya once again.


Why do you praise a mzungu? The difference between a mzungu and an African is most of them are selfless. They are led by their conscience. They work to benefit themselves as a general not as an individual as in vimbustian.
Introduce this mentality in Africa and you will rarely compare yourself with a white skin individual.

Sikiza huyu

Lupita Leave us Kenians out of this shit

Every other people except africans work as a group due to low IQ. A mzungu can put a shop near a black shop in a black country and black people will help that mzungu to bankrupt the black shop. Black men have low IQ. Mzungu are leaders.

Hehe, i sense a lot of self loathers will shit allover this thread

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This is me when i meet the mau mau black men and black men like Jomo Kenyatta

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No. If Kenyans can’t save themselves then nobody will. Who saves Haiti?

Haiti should blame themselves for their actions 200 years ago when they run out the mzungus and now they are getting payback from the mzungus. Only Mzungus can save kenya, when you remove kenyan black men then everything will be solved.

You mean you would love to be in this state again??[ATTACH=full]243059[/ATTACH]


@KamauLM kuja unyoroshe hawa watu wanataka wazungu warudi

The people who liberated blacks from colonialism would be rolling in their graves with such type of sheer stupidity typed publicly,Marcus Garvey,Martin Luther King and many other black Africans fought and died for black pride.I wish you can go up to African Americans celebrating black history month and say such and see the type of beating you will get.People who loathe their kind have serious self esteem issues that they project to the world.We already chased out the colonial government with no advanced warfare and got independence.The only difference is that some of you and i bet the author of this thread will vote for Ruto,Raila Mudavadi etc and cry foul when things go bad,that is not representative of all Africans.Most of African countries started on a bad note with dictators,the results are not entirely our fault, and from the way you are speaking i bet you have never stepped out of Kenya,Go to the US and see how well Kenyan kids are doing and beating their white counterparts at school or see how Kenyans and many African nationalities are working hard to get a good education, then go around and see how many trailer trash or homeless white folks there are,you can’t generalize those Africans doing a great job in your useless theory,Please go and see a psychiatrist for your self esteem issues or if you are from the village and watch Rambo movies and only see white people on TV get a passport and travel,it will open up your mind

Amesija. Lakini ametumia handle nyingine ile si poa.

What’s with this sudden influx of self hate and coonery in ktalk?


Just the headline alone informs one that this thread is nothing but diarrhoea. No point in reading further

We have so many capable people that can even out perform the white men.