Only in America.

A white woman, who identifies herself as black, and as even been working for noble black causes is being vilified.

A man, born raised and lived as a man undergoes a transformation to become a woman is celebrated like she has discovered the cure to ebola

I give up


white america tries to justify a terrorism act with an explanation that the white youth involved “has had a troubled past”…


Yet he has flags of Southern Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa attached to his coat.

And that white kid burned USA flag lol

It seems every time white kids shoot at masses in cinemas, schools, kindergartens they all have ‘troubled pasts’. Using this premise, the cops who shot black teens must have had ‘troubled pasts’ too. How then did they become cops? Freaking double standards!

Mnaangalia kwa wenyewe na kwenu bado hamjapiga deki

:)“bado hamjapiga deki”
double entendre

Hehehehe, you know what I mean