only failures do this..

CORD leader, Raila Odinga, on
Friday launched scathing attacks
at the Jubilee Government
accusing it of many failures since
it took power two years ago.
Addressing ODM delegates on
Friday at Oyugis Town, Homa Bay
County, Raila said under the
Jubilee Government security has
deteriorated, the economy has
collapsed and corruption has
become the order of day.
“Insecurity is at its worst. Under
Jubilee, the economic
environment has deteriorated
rapidly especially for the poor.
Inflation continues to rise; the
exchange rate remains volatile.
“Under Jubilee, Kenya is now de-
industrializing. Cadbury and
Eveready have recently closed
shop in Kenya and will now sell
products imported from Egypt.
That means loss of jobs for
thousands of youth,” Raila said.
Raila said tourism has hit its
lowest under the Jubilee regime
while horticulture and the Miraa
businesses have collapsed.
He also said Uhuru/ Ruto have
refused to reform the police force
and instead, they are reforming
and militarizing the National
Youth Service.
The former PM also accused the
Jubilee Government of trying to
muzzle the civil society and the
media through Parliament.
He concluded by saying the
Jubilee Government is on the
path of the past regimes and that
is why he is calling for a vibrant
opposition that will rescue the
country from the totalitarian rule
of Uhuru and Ruto.

Raila is not a failure, he won the last two elections.

hahaha in his dreams myb

Chura na kelele zake…