Online Shopping

Today I was looking for E-POS TP - 300 printer driver online since the seller gave us a broken CD driver (if you have that driver kindly come inbox we talk sijaipata) and I realized how people have resorted to online marketing. There were over a hundred websites selling that printer (but no driver :confused:). I think nowadays people have resorted to online marketing and shops, and niw this begs my question, why is amazon and aliexpress still making a kill outside here? Can another company start rivaling them?

Alixpress and amazon are making a kill because most of their products are manufactured locally. Hapa mukuru kwa kenyarra I don’t even know where to start, but I knw u knw, eggs that come in to kenya from Luganda are cheaper than those produced locally because the govt makes it hard for local manufacturers.

Download the driver then install it

Vile janjaweed amesema

Omwami hii naona ni POS - D, lakini mimi nina E-PoS

Wekelea make, model name na model no. vile imeandikwa kwa ile karatasi pale nyuma iko na serial no.

Infact even berra unaeza piga picha hiyo karatasi uweke hapa… you can hide the serial no.

na pia useme spec. ya ile computer unaenda ku install… plus OS…

hii my mnyama hii , driver zake

Check online.