Online passport application

Talkers. anyone with information on how long it takes to get a passport processed after the online application also anyone who can assist to fast track the process can help. i really need one urgently. saidieni huyu fala

Have you already applied? if not I would advice you go to Embu and apply from there. It will only take a day or so

i thought applications at the regional centers were stopped?

Why Embu ??

Hiyo ofisi ilifungwa kitambo.

were they? I am not too sure about that…

I haven’t done it but nimeona some fellow discussing it elsewhere (wazua) that you go through the process on ecitizen and obtain some documentation which you’ll then take to Nyayo House for final processing and issuing. Apparently, Nyayo Hse is giving preference to those with the online print-outs.

i have seen that. but am worried about the duration of processing after submission of forms. then also i have seen that one can submit the forms to kisumu or mombasa too and considering that am in western kenya kisumu would be more convinient but then again am worried about processing time

Was in a similar situation. See here
Once applied online print the 3 forms make sure there signed by a either civil servant, chief or pastor etc. I took mine to a lawyer. It has to be stamped and a copy of their ID attached. And your (3) passport pictures. They won’t use this on your passport. Photocopies of ID or passport ya mama na baba usikose even if it’s the big old generation hand written ones. Your original birth certificate too. If your names on the ID and birth don’t match swear an affidavit and have another document like KCSE certificate or baptism card original and copy. Once you have all that you may now visit Nyayo House.
The queue at Nyayo house is [SIZE=6]INSANE[/SIZE]. Hapa ndio unawacha kuwa fala. Either arrive a 6am or be smart, think administration police or blue blazered mlinda lango guys. Even at this hour there will be few applicants chilling for the doors to be opened at 8am. Queueing you can’t avoid cause you need to be personally drop your forms and have your picture taken. Elderly, women with children, etc don’t queue. The queues are managed with tickets so don’t mess cause unaweza panga line tena ama urudi kesho. Make sure everything is in place. Once accomplished, you need someone to expedite the process. I know this is what your need but sorry I cannot help you with contacts. Sikujui na ushajiuza wewe ni fala. Anyway tafuta na utapata. I’d asked a person who works there and he informed me that the system that’s been installed is noma sana and have to wait 1 month. I lost hope at this point but back in my mind I knew this is Kenya anything is possible. You’ll probably get couple of offers with different prices and due dates. Someone will have to part with your money and you have to play the waiting game. In my experience, I went and dropped my forms on a Wednesday by Friday mid morning my “pushing guy” (was a lady/mama in my case was given her number by a relative and I didn’t even meet her. Mpesad her. Informed me it might be possible to get it 2 weeks or earlier. No guarantee.) text me my passport number. Went to collect on Monday morning but “haikuwa imeteremuka chini” for collection. AP and Mlinda lango come in handy here again. By the way you still have to queue for collection. They (AP and co.) will keep checking and call you to once “iteremuke” and you won’t have to queue again. Collected it in the afternoon. Good luck.
And if you need yellow fever certificate it’s Kshs2500 at City Council. Here it’s stress free. The queue is short and moves faster than imaginable and you get to sit too.

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can your contact give me a contact in kisumu?

I can’t help you. The best I can do is give you insight on the process. There’s too much at stake. Anything can happen.

sawa sawa mzee. nitajaribu nione vile itawezekana

Just follow the procedure. No need to bribe anyone.

shida yangu ni kuwa sina kitambulisho ya mama. mum and my dad divorced kitambo(1987) don’t know where she is. Swali ni je naweza pata passport ama haiwezikani?

Passport utapata.

sure? Sitasumbuliwa? Birth Certificate iko lakini.