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Chekini, one thing I thank God for is the day I discovered this kijiji. It’s been helpful in a number of ways in terms of the ideas I read here. Now today I found myself wanting to try make money online and I know this village has people that know things that I don’t know. Now, would you please recommend sites that I can frequent to seek for opportunities? Be it Upwork, Forex trading etc .

Anza na Facebook online writers kenya, article writers kenya,

this thread from 2015 might still be relevant

some really good tips from pros hapo


Sure this will help you out @gosh

Bana thanks. I have read and gotten lotsa tips. Now lemmie check them out.

Thanks man.

Wewe ni nani sasa? Meffi, ghaseer, tucker tucker.

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Saidia elder how do I bookmark nilisahau.