Online Billionaires. Paypal versus Visa Direct

Oya wadau. Has anyone tried out the Equity Bank’s Visa direct money transfer where someone from abroad can basically send you cash directly to your visa card? I’ve been toying with the idea of embracing this option but i seem to be abit apprehensive considering it is not as common. I have also noticed most individual clients from abroad are reluctant to use Paypal especially because you have to load cash on your PayPal before sending it to the recipient and this can be a quite a process for someone who is not conversant with paypal.

So, anyone who has tried out the Visa money transfer option? How is it in terms of convenience and charges? And how about the Equity Direct option that requires you to provide the sender with a swift code and bank details?

Changieni hapa wanakajiji. Asande sana.

Paypal is 100% annoying. They hold funds, sometimes ask you to prove your identity etc. Use Western Union or wire transfer for large transactions. Alternatively, if you want to get your cash instantly, receive your payment in bitcoin and sell locally in minutes. I prefer bitcoin because there are no chargebacks and it is peer to peer and almost nil fees. Nobody will ask you questions regarding your own money.

why not use transferwise or worldremit there rates are somehow good pia and fees ziko chini

Altcoins have a higher beta than bitcoin. What I mean is that litecoin is more volatile than bitcoin. Secondly, it is a lot harder to convert other coins into cash than bitcoin. For instance, if you choose LTC, you would have to convert it to BTC at some point to sell it locally in exchange of Ksh. You lose more money (transaction fees) in the process.

How does worldremit work. Can I link it with my local bank?

I’m done with PayPal btw. They make me sick to my stomach.


Paypal manugu walikataa na my $550

How long ago?

from feb 180 days lapsed but still wont let me withdraw despite numerous calls and emails

Go to their facebook page like and dm them, pour all your frustrations on them. If it works they’ll ask you if you have another account where they can send the money. Ikifika hapo rudi tuongee ju watafunga hiyo pia wakijua ni yako.

Kaa mbali na PayPal… Unless unataka kukata tikiti uende headquarters zao

PayPal ni meffi. Mimi nimefukuzwa mara mbili. Lakini kuongea ukweli PayPal haina competition kubwa. Ni kama Safaricom ya online payments juu kila mtu anahitumia.

paypal waliwai nifungia for several weeks juu ya kutumia vpn ku access account yangu

skrill itakuja kuwatoa now that it’s getting popular

Waliniambia nifungue ingine they transfer the funds there, when i did and emailed them they never responded, a follow-up lead to another different response mara attach a US bank account to withdraw your funds, mara request a check asking if they send to KE wanasema they only send to a US address, mara we have enabled your withdrawals confirm kutry via equity portal haiendi through saa hio wameniweka on hold for almost two hours, niliboeka nkawaachia,

PayPal has 254 million active users compared to Skrill with only 20 million users. Even Google Pay doesn’t have that many users despite being backed up by Google.

Hizo accounts nikama za ktalk tu, multi handles ndio zimejaa

That’s where I come in, inbox tuongee hii maneno.

PayPal hauwezi fungua account mbili. Ka-pesa kakiingia vizuri wanakuitisha national I.D ama Passport. Mimi nlituma mpaka ‘proof of address’.