online animation jobs

Wadau I want to increase my avenues for additional income and I was wondering whether doing animation contracts online was viable. I was also asking which sites do u people and what are the minimum PC specs that most jobs require… Feedback is appreciated sande

cheki… uko na portfolio?

Deviant, isn’t that for mostly drawing? … is more in that field

Sorry for asking lakini what is that you have put as a picture handle.BTWyour handle usualy says something

Try offering your animation services to local business owners hapa Kenya.

Iko wapi portfolio yako?

If you can do animation basi this question sound stupid.

huwa iko na high paying jobs

I dont have high spec machine thats y am asking animation nimefanya ni amature-ish mostly ni kutengeneza assets za game engines

Issa abstact painting of a non-unified/undefined person(Atleast thats my interpretation of it)

looks scary.

If you can do something like this with cinema 4d. Minimal system requirements

The guy charges 4k for such

It has lots of categories. There’s also an animation category…Artstation is more professional oriented than DA though.

which one would you recommend for a beginner?

if you want to specialise in animation then learn Maya
if you want to be a modeller:
then Maya/Zbrush for organic modelling
Max/zbrush for hard surface modelling

for Motion Graphics then use Cinema 4D/ After effects combo or Maya with its Mash/After effects combo

Never used Blender so cannot talk about it but of late it has loads of support by most companies