onion farming

i am venturing into commercial onion farming. how are the returns?

Good, make sure you store them properly.Onions can last a long time if stored properly na market haitawai isha.

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I’m in the process of preparing the nursery…great minds.’

have grown them before?

No this will be my first time…what variety are you planning on planting?i’ve decided to go with tropicana

Sasa me thinking of rabbits… but I should probably start a separate topic for that…

What area are you planting? Kindly keep us updated on progress. I would like to grow onions and garlic. I currently grow tomatoes.

Just about to transplant from the nursery… Keep u updated

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I am not sure there is enough market for that.

Sometimes we have to take risks when it comes to business.

facebook business101

There are some guys looking for partnership with farmers to grow onions for export. They promise 90bob a kilo.

Check Saturday’s Nation.

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Problem is evryone will join in, there will be over supply and then prices will plummet. The guys will still enjoy the export price.