One Week Free Digital Marketing

First of all, lets take a look at why you should do digital marketing,

Why is digital marketing so important? Because it is not only a rapidly growing force in the current marketing playing field, it is set to be the future of marketing, and it seems likely that digital media will soon replace more traditional forms altogether.

While older generations will no doubt lament the demise of paper-based newspapers, books, communication methods and traditional TV and radio broadcasts, those who have grown up with the internet and mobile phones as a God-given right are already embracing the brave new world of digital consumption.

The facts are that digital methods of communication and marketing are faster, more versatile, practical and streamlined, so it is perhaps unsurprising that once the technology became available we began quickly moving into the digital age. The good news is that digital offers just as much potential to marketers as it does to consumers.
Before we look at the benefits of digital marketing, let’s take a quick snapshot of some of the key forms of it at present:

[li]Websites and SEO content[/li][li]Blogs[/li][li]Internet banner ads[/li][li]Online video content[/li][li]Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising[/li][li]Email marketing[/li][li]Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)[/li][li]Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)[/li][/ul]
This is far from an exhaustive list, and new forms of digital marketing, such as augmented reality, are arriving all the time.

Service 24 Company is giving a one week FREE DIGITAL MARKETING which will include:

  1. Blog Listing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Google Marketing

In this one week, we will develop for you market leads, drive traffic to your site and produce a report at the end.

[SIZE=6]We are also giving upcoming companies a webdesign offer at only Ksh 5,000[/SIZE]

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