One vs the rest

At times i wonder, by saying Israel is the choosen nation, does it mean that the bible never advocated for equality…?

Africans are the real Jews. The race was chosen by God and bestowed with progress and greatness but along the way, they indulged in great wickedness and God allowed them to be plundered and enslaved. That’s why black people are suffering everywhere. The negroes were the inventors of ancient technology and civilization when other races were still cave dwellers.

Chosen one does not mean equality, it means consecrated for a purpose. In this case a means for God to reveal himself to mankind. Everyone is chosen for a purpose the problem is that we like being disobidient and seek to have our way.

So you simply saying that God would only reveal himself to a specific group of people in the world.

‘Through’ not ‘to’, He had everyone in mind

Nilisema hivyo mkanichekelea

I think we often mistakenly imagine the Lord to be endowed with man’s features, the lord is and always will be kind thoughts. These are achieved by consistent avoidance of the seven cardinal sins.
The golden rule is the rationale for purity of thought.