One Of The Most Nostaligic Songs. Afrika Liberté

Reminds me of the 1980s VOK programmes such as Dunia Wiki Hii


Franklin Boukaka

Good old days


Good old days. There’s also another Pan-African song by some Congolese group ya akina Niboma

I have been searching for this song all over the place bana. I last heard it uko 2009 kwa KBC and instantly fell in love with it. Weirdly, immediately I saw the thread’s title, the song began playing in mind. Imagine my joy when I found out it was the exact one.

I don’t know why, may be it’s the (violin?) but the whole song has melancholic vibe, almost like a dirge.

I never liked it.

This is not about whether you like it or not!!!

live your life and like YOUR songs.

You are a very sensitive person, one can tell. Yes, that violin is tinged with great sadness, and the ‘fatigue’ in the instrumentation weighs your heart down without even knowing the meaning of the words. It touched me as well, like a cold hand on the soul, when I first heard it on radio. I’ve had it in my collection for years, and much as its mournful tone clung to memory, I’ve always kept it, because that unknown thing it said to me about Africa refused to be ignored. Now I know what the thing is.

Found it accidentally on YouTube years ago, it’s now always in my playlist on the road. Had the the instrumental section as a ringtone.

The wailing violin, the hoarse sax and laid back drum and the keyboard all merge into something melancholic yet colourful but still leaving you craving for a dash into the African savannah. Long live Afrika!

dunia wiki hii was also in the 90s how old are you?

1933 YOB

Before hiyo Dunia Wiki Hii ya TV there was one on Radio in the 1980s

How old are you


This one used to give me very sad vibes…good song though

Very sad song.

There was a swahili version nimeitafuta nimeikosa… Went something like

eehh Afrika eeh Afrika twakupenda