One Of The Best Theme Songs Ever. KQ!

Who was the composer of this piece

These advertisements really made you proud to be a Kenyan and to fly KQ. Nowadays their service is shoddy unless you are a foreigner.

I wonder if Brian and Brian ever became pilots

Brian Mutuma

Sante mzito

Negro may have composed but the production seems European, going by the high number of orchestral pieces you hear especially in the middle and latter part of the song.

Regurgitation of on old thread:

I once had it as my cellphone ringtone

Apana danganya mzee… That jingle was composed by a Mzungu Mathew Peevers who used to work at Scanad in 1993.
Brian Mutuma in 93 alikua kipii


Sande . Watoto wanadanganya sisi sana these days