once upon a time in college

it was just out of peer influence but i still remember the pain, the agony and the itchiness i experienced.

i remember back in college ,i was doing music, we used to live like brothers,our principle was called Dan Mac Charles…i soft spoken luo who used to give us alot of crazy advice…we treated him like our big brother

it was a cool afternoon,and we had finished eating lunch,being a Friday we used to have practicals in the afternoon and since the whole college had less than 10 pianos and population was over 30 student's we used to allow day scholars from far to take the 1st round before day scholars from around could have a chance and lastly the boarders.

just being a another day,Dan was up in with is funny stories and some point he spoke about personal hygiene, ........he spoke about public hair and hairy armpits....jokingly he said " you can find a gentle man who goes for one year without shaving,tafuta wembe,fweka hio kichaka" everyone busted into laughter including me....but for sure since i was born i had never shaved my "down there"......you see in was born in ushago and my place had no need to shave....all the girls i "knew " were hairy ...we used to keep hair as a sign of maturity.

....to cut the long story,i went home and bought a razor blade ...actually two  sharp ones,brand new....i knew the forest was made up of "steel wire" and one razor might not be enough.

  slowly and sheer precision i started deforestating ...and  soon i was as smooth as a one year old.the Saturday passed without any drama,Sunday come and went on MORNING...WE,WE, WE,wacha nianze kujikuna,Ngai,wacha niende kwa stage for a pice,two hands were on guitar but the lower part of the guitar was on KILLIA...ANG;OA......it was so itchy i felt like i will run mad.....wacha saa nane ifike and temperature rose kidogo....i literally went home........i kept scratching myself until my genitals hurt......

 i swear that i missed shule for two days .....the experience was horrible,i had fever,then nikijikuna huko chini kichwa inasikia mkuno pia,at one point nilimwagilia mafuta taa thinking kichoma huto tunywele......then i thought twice.....since then advice za kila mtu......wacha tu

I have also shaved once…and never again

*Public hair replace with pubic hair anyway nani alikudanganya hunyolewa na wembe?? Get a gillete for heavens sake! Am sure @dr luther will back me up that the reason mtu hujikuna is that by using wembe yu give it a fine shave so when hair starts growing it curls back and starts pricking the skin the key here is not to finely shave but leave some hair allowance preferably use those hair machines

Mwanaume hanyoi fudhii


Hahaha you shave only in cold weather. When you shave in the warm weather, shave juu juu. I have been there and and I have done that.

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Sijawahi kubali wembe ifike huko kazi ya makasi ni ya nini?

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haki nyinyi watu mnoona kama ni jokes but kama hujawahi jaribu…usiwahi

Nice story telling. Lakini hakuna mbisha.

All in all, try veeto.

Black people are more prone to razor bumps due to our thick curly hair ( kinky if you like)…So we end up hurting the hair follicles hence the bumps and subsequent black spots…So the solutions are:

  1. Stay away from shaving
  2. If you must…(to impress that lay) Clean the pubic area(aka Public area)…the hairs are softer now, trim them, preferably with some scissors and finally use your shaving gel or machine for a clean shave!

The best thing to get rid of some hair is waxing. Many salons are investing in this business. Sijui kama vinyozi hufanya hii mambo.

siijui niseme nini…
lakini si poa kufuga hayo mafuzi/Mafudhi…go to one of those kinyozis ziko na madame…upate service hata ya huko chni…aran…iko nini…nywele za sehemu nyeti achia nugu.

BTW, I saw on tv a certain woman who’s doing permanent hair removal. How safe is that procedure @Luther12 esp for the pubic hair?

hehehe I can totaly relate,siku hizi ni kuzi pitia juu juu coz thats the only way I can get some head

after shaving apply an antiseptic cream such as betadine for two days, la sivyo utaimba…

Just use a depilatory cream.

I’d have to know what exact procedure it is before I comment. However there’s electrolysis, a permanent solution, for the beard.

I use Bic or Gillette alafu na apply spray. Inachoma ile mbaya,I think it’s coz of the alcohol in it but tha good thing is,no kujikunakuna and bumps n stuff.

In simpler english pls.

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Kwani guys don’t know of Veet?It shaves you smooth in 5-10 minutes depending on how the hard hair is and there are I think 3 skin types to choose from normal skin,sensitive skin and another I can’t immediately recall.It is nauseating and disgusting to keep reading this stupid stories mara mwanaume shouldn’t shave blah blah.My wife and I shave.Regularly.The only downside I can think of is you can no longer have silent farts! Yeah,I shave my arse hairs as well.So at any one moment I can confidently strip for anyone! Advantage of shaving arse hairs? No skid marks.And I learnt all this in high school…kwani where were you guys?

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