On What Side Are You On This Kibe Njugush Dog Fight?....

“Anajijenga Na Watoto”

Content creator Njugush replied to a video of Andrew Kibe criticising him and noted that the YouTuber is like a father to many youngsters whom he abuses

The thespian, in an interview with Spm Buzz, said that the former radio host had formed a habit of criticising people in the limelight, trying to make ends meet

Kibe had previously called the actor a simp after a video of the actor getting cosy with his wife at an event went viral

The comedian noted that Kibe failed at everything he has tried to make a living out off, and he should let the younger generation be…


I have achieved more

In an interview with Spm Buzz, the father of one noted he has achieved more than what Kibe would ever hope to achieve.
“Where I am now I know I have achieved a lot more than what Kibe would ever hope to achieve,” he said.

He noted that everyone has made their own mistakes and said he hopes he will never make the same ones as the YouTuber.

“I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I pray I never make the same mistakes as him,” he said.
Let people live and learn Njugush said he feels Kibe is lost and should let the young people try to live their lives.[/B][/I]

He said: “We all have our own inequities we always talk down people who are doing something really nice
he talks down these kids who are doing something really nice like online media.”

Hapa njugush ako offside. Online hustle haina age limit, na ukipost content ANYONE can create a reaction video.

Hehe hapa Kibe hana comeback,. Alijibu akisema Njugush awache Kiburii. It will take just one mistake from Njugush and the corporate world will be on his ass. Aulize ule DJ Mo wa Size 8 siku hizi anafanya nini. On the other hand, I still believe Kibe can do further monetization on his channel. hata kama ni kuadvertise plots za Joska and still secure that bag

kibe is right. How can you take your wife to her favorite artist and have her woo herself over him?

njugush amepata kiburi sana kutoka anunue prado tx because he believes he must catch up on Abel in whatever he does. He’s chasing Abel while Abel secured the bag a long time ago.

Ati juu ni best friends lazma watoshane…Abeli is way ahead of him.

Boss it is the other way round. Ni Njugush ndio anainua Abel. In fact, just recently he was the one sustaining him after TV mambo ilikua ngumu. Hata kama tunapenda Kibe lazima tuone kwamba Njugush has got his shit together mbaya kabisa. Kibe may be speaking facts but his life is kind of sketchy. Do you know he has kids?

Abel has connections ama?Njugush mentions him alot in his clips…

njugush gave abel’s wife a job, nothing more. Do you know how many Kenyan shows Abel produces? Do you know how many of them are syndicated in mnet and maisha magic? Abel will always be paid as long as those channels exist. kibe can catch up with Njugush na ampite in a year or two. wewe unadhani njugush ataishi doing tnt and facebook skits for how long?

abel is everything njugush wants to be. abel akinunua gari afadhali njugush ajinyime food one year ndo anunue pia

True especially if he looks for other ways of monetizing the content-beyond patreons. Kenyans ni hii mambo ya donation ni wagumu sana. Sasa watu wanatuma ma 100 bob an vile USA expenses ni high. Jana niliona akipromote that shipping company Statesduka. he should be taking that route

Kibe is monetizing like crazy. Hizo superchat zake hufika ata 50k in one night, then his Patreon does 100k in a month and he probably does around 200-300k a month from ads on YouTube


Kibe talks about being Alpha and gives life advise yet he can’t apply it to himself. I agree mostly with what he says but the guy has been a failure most of his life so he is not exactly a role model!

And how long do you think Kibe’s thing is going to go on? Guys will get tired of that shit pretty soon.

Chokosh wars

Andrew kifee ni attention Tu anatakanga …watu wakichoka nayeye atakuwa amemaliza kuburN all the bridges…he always triggers wasee wako na subscribers wengi kumliko…achunge Sana also fuck up…

naona ako hapa an ameniskiza. He has said he will be advertising. businesses. Internet business unakula wave ikishika, by the time watu wanaanza kuchoka na wewe umekafunga

njugush soon atakuja kulilia wakenya wamchangie. mshenzi

Njugush akue mpole…kiburi haisaidii

Wewe na nani?