On the interests of nations

This is an idle muse so do not give it much heed…

Now that Magufuli has made it a national sport to roast day old chicks from Kenya, will he come crying that we return the Kshs 100M gold impounded by KRA at JKIA?

Our lesson for the day is drawn from the sages in my community who in days of yore said "A hole in the forecourt is not dug deep" (someone please help translate this into swahili.)


Hiyo Gold iwekwe kwa Fort Knox yetu Kahawa Barracks

Fogo gaucho…thas all i can say for now!

Gold gani my friend. You get the drift.

That’s a court exhibit.
But I really don’t know what the courts do with the exhibits once the cases are done.
Probably it’s forfeited to the state.

Hata mimi sijui hiyo story ya gold.

Pocketing and walking away whistling.

Burn it!

Kabila was here!

We will give them the gold even before they ask for it. We usually repay our neighbor’s transgressions with an invitation to violate us harder.


irima riri nja ritienjagwo iriku

Hii ni swahili ya wapi ES???:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D:D:D:D


the way India will handle the gold impounded from a kq crew member in mumbai 2weeks ago, is the way we will handle the gold impounded from tz.

The govt should just extend similar treatment to what has been happening to undeclared and illegal Kenyan exports

This might kick off a shit storm. Why can’t we just get along?

This is titled like a worthwhile intellectual treatise, but its nonsense.
magufuli cares abount 100m in gold? really? why should he? do the chicks and the gold matter in macro economics?

Forfeited to cbk. Becomes part of reserves.

Magufuli na museveni wametuzoea vibaya. The Idi Amins of today. They held Captive our cattle then burnt our chicks. Wametutoboa macho yakutosha.

MK Gandhi once Said, An eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth would lead to a world of the blind and toothless.

Only one side is responding. We need to act wisely or else we are left blind. We are already toothless.

This will be exchanged with padlock shavings and it will be claimed the gold was fake.
As someone has asked in a preceeding post: "Which gold?