on the dresd code matter!!!!

saddened by what has been
happening all over the country.
Grown up folks who could even be
fathers ganging around women and
stripping them naked on the streets!
In the name of being ‘indecently
So my first question was and still is
who and what determines “decent
In our modern times, the only
standard for choice in dressing is
and has to be personal. You may
compete with prevailing choices at
any given time among a given group
but you can only be judged on the
choice itself and not as someone
who is rightly or wrongly dressed. It
is true that the way that you act and
the way that you look determines
what others will think of you. But
that is where the buck stops.

So its okay for women to walk naked.isoorait.

very okay all u have to do is mind ur business and all will be well