On that Chatham House meeting

When you get done saying it’s “fake”, imagine the total embarrassment it would be if chupi-man was deported!



Unless of course the UK is behind all these!
Which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

I hope the letter is fake. Otherwise should it turn to be true and TMT just by chance gets deported the wounds inflicted to his supporters would never heal.

baba anakutana na muzito

Fake. Osungu.dll detected here.

one of the most stupid statements i have ever heard in KTALK . ule boy ako pale Bondo ama khwisero what does he give a FUCKKK if baba is deported ama hata yeye atakatazwa kuenda UK ama atajiuwa ? , jinga kabisa .

jinga aviator si kwa sababu mtu alizaliwa England alikula dictionary

On Osungu.dll:

I saw that too. Doesn’t really matter though… how do you possibly deport people because they met? It can’t and won’t happen.

i also have a problem with “civil societies”

Wewe amused umepewa baton na Nattydread?

At least you’re not saying we are the same person? Baton gani hio?

See what am talking about.

Baton ya fake news

Give it a rest…

HA! It wasn’t fake!