On Ruto from deep state

I asked “him” if I could transcribe part of this conversation and post it and “he” gave me permission. I redact his name for obvious reasons, but this was the most telling of the weight of the matter at hand. This December, we will just eat BBI, as clearly nothing else is on anyone’s mind

"The intelligence briefs we received early through our principals was that “he” would not support it and that he had set aside resources to fight it. We knew that he had lined up MPs from Central, North Eastern and Rift Valley to oppose it and they were planning to give Bomas a wide berth. On the eve of the launch, we were told they were meeting to plan a press conference during the launch while “he” was to launch a community project upcountry. They met Indeed, but they met to unanimously support it. This caught us unawares because we only trained ourselves to tackle his opposition of the report. We were played.

He had long discussions with number one that night and he told him that his entire team was onboard.

This threw our side off balance. We were already basking in the glory of the by-election victory and already we had started creating a fault line that would define the campaigns for 2022.

His opposition to this meant that we would have a clear separation and the guys from Kanu Rift Valley were to be the BBI champions in the rift with a hope to isolate this other group.

We later learnt that the intelligence we received was planted to confuse us. We don’t know how to fight him now that he is supporting it. Even during Bomas, we anticipated Murkomen to oppose it via his rant, but he supported it fully. If you notice, the energy from our team was in readiness of tackling the opposition of the report, but still, he supported it.

Now, the thing is, our entire plan was based on his intention to oppose and the weeks running up to the launch,the statements from their side was showing opposition. We knew we would replicate the 2010 referendum campaigns where he said No and lost and Kibaki and Raila said Yes and won. Up until Bomas, we were anticipating the exact similar scenario. Wapi.

The guys at HQ are frustrated because the entire intelligence teams are split to two and there are many counter agencies within because he has infiltrated all of them and he gets his briefs at par with number one and they are also cheeky because they also use decoy intelligence reports.

Now we must try to find a tackling point because even the issue of parliament versus referendum, he is supporting everything we are proposing.

This man is very smart and we know it. We have been getting falsified reports about his real financial muscle and his never ending pool of resources and everytime we buy back compromised politicians ,they troop back to him because of his ground strategy. He compromises local branch politics to force the bought MPs to stick with him. This startegy is very expensive and our allies from the other side don’t want to spend money to counter this, they are just giving us intelligence and administrative support which clearly is also ineffective in slowing down this man.

The frustration at the top is that he has cemented himself in the heart of number one’s ground. He used historical economic differences between the classes of people there to penetrate. Number one is stuck with very few uninfluential teams while this man is being hosted by large groups every weekend.

He went to machakos last week and even though Mutua guaranteed us that he had the ground covered, people thronged the streets and his event. We can’t continue operating like we have won the battle of opinion.

The media has been supporting us for a while now but as our budgets constrain and as the public continue to go by opinions of their leaders more than media, we are starting to get frustrated there too.

If you ask me, we need a defining crisis to control the narrative otherwise, we are making too much social media noise that is not translating to the ground.

Baba is also non committal internally whether he is on the ballot. It’s very hazy. The other side know who the presidential candidate for 2022 is, our side is undecided. We also don’t know how the division in western and ukambani will play out against us. Mudavadi and ODM and Atwoli’s Kanu and Wetagula are all eating into the strategy. I am sure we are entering 2022 with a very divided western Kenya, bad for our collective startegy. It was easier rallying wetsern against a Kikuyu candidate but more difficult because part of wetsern is in rift valley and part of rift valley is in western. They are not far flung communities,these people live together. Ukambani is split between Kalonzo, Mutua and Kibwana. These divisions won’t heal by 2022.

We are not in a good place boss"

To those who say I’m supporting Ruto, kindly understand that we are discussing things that are definitive. The makasiriko you witnessed recently is only because, the ground has shifted. Tectonic plates are moving.

I am not supporting, I am stating facts. You need an act of God to stop him. Eliminate dynasty controlled media from your dose of information for one day, and have eno for your indigestion, because the facts will hurt your tummies.

You’re dealing with someone who was Kanu secretary General, a cabinet minister, someone who outwitted Moi and an ICC inductee whose actions of omission or commission defended Raila’s vote that elevated him into state power; all rolled in one. Leteni more jameson for mzee… You shouldn’t be complacent. Hajaanza bado. Work harder.

Kaleos still have the nostalgia and hangover of the Moi years when your tribesmen advanced by massive theft of public resources and cronyism that favored you immensely.

Those days are kind of gone. Get over it.

Ruto - LootAll - KaleSingha - Butcher of Kiambaa was and has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of those past misdeeds of the Moi “ERROR”.

What cause has he ever championed that advanced or helped all Kenyans at large?

Hehehe… masturbatory ideas. Punyeto tupu.

The were betting on uhuru’s running as a PM in 2022. That has backfired badly

swanschieth ,sisi kama pure bloods tumesema liwe liwalo

hesabu ya uhuru is very hard, what he wants is to bring gideon moi into the fold arudishe mkono kwa familia ya moi, he wants to use raila like moi tried in 2002 but i dont see raila akiwachia gideon that easily. when the time comes raila will leave uhuru naked with few allies because uhuru is arresting his own liutenants

End game ya uhuru ni ngumu kujua.

Please msikonde juu ya 2022. Relax, hustle and enjoy the present. DP Uncle Ruto has got this. Kuna watu pia wanachezwa.

He got it, exactly how CS Amina Mohammed got the AU Chair . Do you remember what you posted that day

No matter what Ruto does I.e speak,shout, buys voters him and his future Vice President nominee moses Kuria, one thing is for sure: he will never be president…
Deep state (system) will never allow it…
Game ishapangwa na matokeo ishatoka

Ni ngumu kujua lakini gideon moi must be have a place in all situations he has in mind

Huu ni upusss unatuandikia. Langat jishugulishe na vitu za maana though.
let me tell you for a fact. wembe ni ule ule. Uhuru is aware that the ground is hostile for him and Tinga, but insists on referendum. Do you really think he’s a fool to have a simplistic game plan like the one you’re writing? Why do you think he’s so confident of going against all your wishes? Certainly not because he’s a fool. wembe uliomnyoa Tinga in 2017 is the same wembe which will be used to shave clean The thieving Sugoi crook. Mark this reply.

Any fool can see this is fake nyews

:D:D:D:D:D:DThis is not my post… I am sharing it from somewhere

WSR studied under moi,kibaki,rails,UK,and all these other politicians.itakuwa ngumu sana to defeat him.

In fact he knows the weakness of Uhuru, Raila, Mudavadi and the rest because he has been with all time. So he can easily bake them for breakfast

Nakumbuka at some rally akisema mdvd utoka Kwa bar 4 am,atafikiria maendeleo SAA ngapi

Ango nifinyie thru pass ya muomo hii mvua iko finish Mimi na sitaki kwenda kuokota road kill nyama villa.

Ruto ni mwizi you can convince us. He is part of the problem. Sanitizing Ruto is like separating York from the egg. He was part of the loot. Yeye na hii mtoto ya umbwa deserve to be hanged.

Uncle Sam will work with Arror