On Police brutality - I stand with UOTP

Official NASA Tallying Centre: ( I know it’s a NASA propaganda channel)


When police clobbered and killed NASA demonstrators including babies Pendo and Samantha after election results declaration, the people not affected cheered.

When CORD demonstrators were killed and others injured during the Okoa Kenya demos, those unaffected said it’s their problem for demonstrating.

When Babu Owino is manhandled together with his lawyer Otiende when the former is being re-arrested , we say he deserved it.

We continue to condone, encourage and support police brutality for political reasons not knowing that we may fall victim someday.

When police officers stormed University of Nairobi hostels yesterday, they didn’t ask for your name, ID or tribe, they clobbered, beat up and arrested anyone they could lay their hands on whether you are Otieno,Kamau, Wepukhulu, Musyoki or Abdi.

All became casualties of war, some as young as one month in campus.

When clinical officers decided to exercise their constitutional right to industrial action in demanding for better terms of work, they were teargassed and their officials injured.

This week, when nurses decided to demonstrate to Afya house and present their grievances, they were teargassed and roughed up.

When a KTN journalist went to cover the demos in Kibera, he was arrested and his equipment confiscated simply because he wore a protective jacket yet his media house had sought licencing for the same.

When a photographer decides to take photos of his wife in the streets of Nairobi, police decide to harass.(He erred by being rude too)

When Matiangi withdraws the security details of Joho, Raila and Co, we celebrate and hail their actions saying, “Watajua sisi ni serikali, Watajua sisi Ndio kusema, Watajua hawajui” forgetting you may be in their shoes tomorrow and you need such security.

If this is not condemned, investigated and responsible officers prosecuted, we shall set a bad precedence.

Tomorrow you will be roughed up and arrested for no valid reason in the streets leaving work at 7pm, but your political affiliation won’t help you out.

Tomorrow, you will be peacefully picketing due to lack of adequate security in your estate and you are teargassed and beaten, your second name won’t come to your rescue.

You will be in town, hawkers are demonstrating and live bullets bullets fired, the live bullets won’t know whether you you NASA or Jubilee. We shall burry you.

Police brutality knows no tribe, no political affiliation, no profession, no names.

The police have become agents of settling political scores, agents of violence and animalistic acts. They can perpetrate injustices and get away with it because their bosses under whose directions they act will protect them.

IPOA has become a toothless dog/puppy amenable to political machinations and influence. No tangible and credible actions have been taken against trigger happy police officers who breach the code of ethics.

Any sane Kenyan must condemn police brutality in the strongest terms possible.

We burry baby Pendo today,tomorrow it’s you and me.
Which side will you be counted in; The side which said, “Let them suffer since am unaffected” or the side which said, “No to police brutality, political affiliation aside”

Just as police brutality knows no tribe or political affiliation, so should we as we fight against it. Let’s all put our differences aside and fight this growing menace before it gets out of hand, before my loved one or your loved one becomes a victim of this circumstance. It’s not right.

Violence is never the answer! Let’s unite and put a stop to this. Whether Jubilee or NASA!!!
You choose!!

Concerned Citizen

Police wafanye kazi !

sikatai, lakini kutolea innocent raia hasira haileti shangwe.

Message is home

And why did u ignore the motorists whose cars were stoned ?that could be u or me tomorrow.

Like now NASA says mass action is in the constitution ,when jubilee retaliates with their business community watu wakufe si it will be fair game?
When NASA brings demands with irreducible minimums they were great now that jubilee has gone to parliament to ammend the law inekuwa they trying to change the rules at halftime.

Hii ujinga tuwache.tutaumia sisi wote moreso the kawaida.citizens
Uhuru.kumi tena…ndaani ndaani…

Police brutality didn’t start with Jubilee and am 100% certain it won’t end with it unless the whole police force is disbanded and reconstituted afresh. The rot inside runs deep corruption and unresolved murders, some committed by members of the same force being the foremost.
Singing the change song since it suits the current political situation is an exercise in futility.

At such atime where things have changed Techwise ETC the police display Barbaric tactics that we are beyond

Umh, pardon me… But what does this have to do with the president/ncy?? :confused:

Police have to be brutal when dealing with irrational monkeys, it’s replicated in teh US and same whining is the order of the day.

Let us be honest with each other. Any Kenyan citizen who uses that road secretly wishes he could step out and put a bullet in one of those idiots. The amount of damage UON students (not all) have caused within the institution and outside is immense. Stoning vehicles, burning vehicles, hitting people with rocks and then you will have us take this lying down.
There was a time KU rioted and police went in. My sister was hit with a baton on the elbow but when she got home aliambiwa tu pole. There has never been a large scale protest again huko.
So long as the police do not crack skulls and break bones, I am fine with it. Wapigwe matako hadi ikuwe flat. Let them duck walk hadi tea room hiyo ujinga itoke kichwa. Let them do press ups until they have no more energy to throw stones.



Police wouldn’t have to use force if picketers followed the way prescribed by law. We have protestors who will provoke violence since peaceful protests do not make headlines. My full sympathy to the families of Samantha and Pendo. I condemn those participate in riots in the name of self expression. Riots always have innocent victims.

I read one case study of how a certain country in Eastern Europe, I think it’s Georgia, fired 16,000 police officers in the fight against corruption. I think when looking for how to fight corruption here, we should look at Georgia as an example. Their problems were exactly like ours. Bribery in government offices was rampant.

ni wapi President/ncy imetajwa?

True. When goons go stoning motorists, they should be dealt with. But is it right for police to harass innocent bystanders or those caught up in the melee without knowing what’s happening? Or even entering people’s homes to clobber people? I wonder where IPOA has reached with the Samantha case.

My friend a riot is not an orchestra program complete with an MC and refreshment breaks. When police move in to quell a riot they move in with the resource to end it in the most efficient way. Brutal force. Ukisikia riots head the other way ukangojee action kwa news.

be careful what you wish for my friend.

Huyu alipigwa mawe[ATTACH=full]128731[/ATTACH]

noma sana. hakuwa Na anti riot gear?

I wish we could ‘make police professional’. Train them well, equip them, and make them less vulnerable to rioters. I look forward to a professional force that has well trained guys who will diescalate a potentially hazardous situation to routine. It matters little about Jubilee vs NASA. We will all need akina @pamba at their best.

Demanding for a better equipped, resourced and trained police is our duty.