On Harambee Stars Win: The General's Pissed!

Who woke up the bitter general? :D:D:D:D:D


Nigga should fuck off.
We’ll beat Brazil, France or Germany when the continents realign and any of those countries are elligible for AFCON

With his reasoning u can clearly see that he has no knowledge of of football in Africa. Most African nations that have had civil war are among the top notch teams in Africa. Examples include DRC, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria (Boko haram), Cameroon and many more. Miguna just looks for away of annoying Kenyans cause most left his bandwagon after the handshake. He just realised that he has become irrelevant.

This is a person who if assassinated now no one will lift a stone or go to the streets unlike before (his deportation)…That time Kenyans would have retaliated but now zii…if he dies…he dies

Was’nt he not to fly back to Kenya last month? what happened? yeah he realised the support is no longer there. Akija na atupwe industrial area achunishwe sukuma most Kenyans would celebrate


Oblige me sir but where is the correlation between having a civil war and having a great football team? Sii hapa umetubeba malenge? So, should we have our own civil war to make harambee stars great?

Hujabebwa malenge, umebeba malenge


The General is still fighting a civil war with his stupid side and it still beats him hands down.

Clearly you missed the point sir…he shouldn’t have used that lame example,Miguna,that is

You who didn’t miss the point should translate for the rest of us.

Miguna Asituletee Umama wake.
Ana umama kuliko most women i know

Ile matusi amepata ni zaidi ya zile nyinyi humwagia Couch P hapa.

Does he know that Ethiopia eliminated Kenya from CHAN qualifiers two years ago?

Miguna has an inflated sense of self-importance, regardless of his beliefs,he is a difficult man to work with.
A guy who corrects his supporters’ grammar and spelling when they are replying to him is too petty to be a leader.

However i find this anger is caused by his illegal deportation, i sympathize with him, but he is a fool, he writes a book which shows Raila in bad light, the after yrs joins Raila’s camp looking for relevance then gets betrayed again?? who is the idiot… akule ujeuri yake


that too, he was left out of the handshake even after swearing in baba, he thought he will be part of the “talks”

soma comment @eddy mahelo… time ndio nakosa buda kuanza kukuexplainia kitu obvious.

Someone tell him he is a shithead

for someone should tell this foreigners kuwa patriotic through our national teams is not a crime na none of these super power countries are perect in everything in fact madhambi yenye some of these countries have done to get where they are today are way worse compared to our situation today

Sometimes I think miguna may have a very bitter inner wound, looks like always very defensive as if everyone is attacking him. Making him look like a cornered general shooting aimlessly.

By the end of the day, Miguna is doing what “they” do best, project negative energy,(ethnicity) because he(they) feel wronged.
I mean by now our brothers and sisters should understand that this is a flawed strategy with absolutely no viable yields.
There are better ways to go about addressing and highlighting skewed civil issues, injustices, and the overall ills the society Kenya.

By the end of the day, majority of Kenyans lead a very simple lifestyle with very little resources. Every single individual is a victim in one form or another.
This self appointed RCbowen “chenero” should not be throwing flying toilets at this great achievement and negating this joyous moment, he should rather criticise the mentally corrupted gesture by the political leadership, of mentally corrupting our national team by presenting awards in cash! (And what a brazen gesture by throwing cash in front of the cameras, and no one raised a finger!)
What is Sonko’s gain here?
Where did all that cash come from??
Why was it given?
How will the internal revenue collectors, Tottenham hotspurs, EPLand FA react to the fact that a premiership player recieved this token??
Yes you all cry “corruption” when it suits your political purpose by you are all accomplices by being hesitant and not being firm againts vice.
But again, very few souls really know what corruption is…, of course this is attributed to little or no civil education in Kenya where our "source of civil knowledge is “a political leader running his/her mouth on a dias”).