on a scale of 1/10

rate k24
the 3 muscuteers will be back tomorrow
this makes me ask this question
has k24 been up to the task?
are people going to be glued to k24?
makosa yao ni nini?
ukweli usemwe

K24 realy tried to copy citizen and had no creativity whatsoever, even a simple thing like the graphics was not given much attention. I knew wako mbaya ile zaidi when I visited my dad, and he was watching KBC , he opted for KBC over K24, na vile he hates KBC since the Moi era. They will need a major re branding and even a change in name to have a second chance of making a first impression

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KBC achana nayo
the damn station should be closed for gd

I beg to differ. KBC should not be closed. As a mattr of fact, I believe it has a very important role to play. What’s needed is to professionalize it, a lá BBC.

As for K24, sio kwa ubaya but I prefer EBRU TV.

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daktari wanichekesha usiku,
how many people have ebru tv?
ukweli usemwe, the two channels are useless,
they had a golden chance to make a mark and they fucked it

However the K24 employees should rest easy for now since they are like a second KBC, “government” owned but with a “private” tag. so the jobs are safe for now. They have maybe seven years to get their act together and give the owners reason to continue funding them and paying their salaries

mbona watu wanachukia k24

While they were away, I too discovered Ebru and got to like their news.That’s a station tha’s got a great future.They only need some polishing here and there and they’ll be ready to take a piece of the pie from the three ugly ducklings.


Wacha ile ya satellite, kuna EBRU kwa DVB-T2.

I actually prefer watching Njata TV news over K24.

Njata is the station to watch- may just be the next big thing.

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No, Lolwe TV is the next Big thing.

kwani jaruo inaelewa kikiyu? o.O

Mimi ni okuyo.

K24 wanatumianga camera ya phone. Trust me on that one. Kwani dont the guys see the difference when they switch channels to NTV or KTN? Or they dont watch competitors?

my friend @Meria Mata
Yenyewe am kind of relieved that the three players are back. Watching K24 news was just painful. Reports were short and unprofessionally done. The newscasters are all amateurs. If they hadn’t fired this bubbly girl called Berinda Oburu and Tom Mboya, their ratings would have been higher. Belinda and Tom were good.
Lucky for them they managed to secure a few advertisement contracts from bigwigs like EABL, Safcom, Airtel, Reckitt, Proctor & Gamble, multichoice and pang. They must have enforced long term contracts.(3 months or more) so wametengeza pesa. That is the entry level they desperately needed.
Before then they had Murugu Herbal clinic only:D

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Yes the gree and brown/yellow theme blends with everything. Blends with furniture, human skin, dust, everything so that there is no contrast.

Why cant I see the 3 sisters on FTA?

thats what we are all waiting for, lets hope the all come on a strong easy to nab satellite.