omuluya kwisha nyinyi


now we look for non-carcinogenic items kama zile vikombe za chuma

Mahali imefika sasa naona itabidi we get back to mud pots

:D:D:Dturns out I am a consumer of everything they say is carcinogenic…Mara sugar,mara nyama,mara thermos everything.
na vile hua nacheka watu wa dry fry nikiwaambia Luwere…kumbe tunaenda sote:D:D

Unachemushanga monkey kwa pressure cooker?

Hi ping pong of this is hazardous to your health then 4 years down the line we are told there is no evidence, upuss, no one will live forever just make sure you leave a positive legacy when you are gone.

Sasa ati usitumie microwave, toaster, router ya wifi, usinywe maji ya roof, usikule some refrigerated food na hatujaingia kwa food

No hiding place. I once read somewhere that breathing oxygen is the reason we age and grow old

I will die once. That is the only truth that I know. Period.

Iyo tremolite could it be the reason mbona napenda ugali ivo

Meffi saidi. Monkey tunamarinate na mnazi na inasoften

And water!
Almost anyone who has used water consistently for the last 100 years is dead…

Dryfry artist Niko ngangari