Can this omnipotent god make a stone so heavy that he himself cannot lift it?

If he does such a thing it would be going against his nature.

Then it will defeat his omnipotence won’t it? ^^^

I thought tuliacha shetani klist. Kumbe yuko nasi hapa?

Atheist ebu nipe email address ama wacha 2.

YOUR omnipotent god makes a man before even thinking about making a woman and gives man nipples???


Interesting, that’s deep.

Everything is God and is occupying its rightful place…you cannot separate God from His parts. God is the shinning light behind everything, the quality that makes everything to be what it is and should be…the consciousness behind all these. That is why God is omnipresent, it is the consciousness that pervades all and makes all be what it is. What is ailing your thinking is the notion that God seats in heaven and watches us from there, get out of that notion! Leave that to nursery school kids! Such a notion limits God (read, separates God from himself ironically!) and I can forgive you for thinking like that. But understand that God is the consciousness from which all actions (read creations, nature etc) arise and into which they are absorbed


Just to give you a layman example, it is like separating the ocean waves from the ocean underneath…it is one and the same thing. But we take particular interest in the waves and forget the mass of water beneath which is the source of it (and rightly, the very make up of the same waves)

What point are you trying to make. What is this "everything is god, god is shining light, god is consciousness, god seperates himself ". This seems like blind sycophancy. I cannot get what you are saying from a practical point of view. Your talk is total jibberish.

@Ingia this @Mwenyewe guy is just playing with words, nothing sensible can be gathered from what hes trying to say.


You are nuts!!!

You cannot understand, God is not to be understood. No one will tell you; “you see this one here sir, it is God!” Everything about God does not make sense…it is not meant to. Eti asking about God lifting a stone…who is holding the entire planets in the universe moron??? And why would he lift a stone, who is he trying to impress (remember there is no motive for such as there is no one above him or his peer)?

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You dont make any sense
Why are you defending something that is not understood? Someone said, "fighting knowledge is easier than fighting belief.

some things are just not meant to be’s all about faith sadly most people get to realise this when they are on the brink of death

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Seems you skyved some science classes the planets are there coz of the counter and gravitational pull btwn them and the sun.

The explanation you trying put forward is very ambiguous and can’t hold any water Anywea. You can only understand God if you open your mind buy dnt inhibit it with religious rules that conform you to a certain path.

Religion and it’s so called holy scriptures have given pple tools to steal kill and do other atrocities to humans. Basics of knowledge and wisdom is opening your ears and closing your mouth, your brain will do the rest. That is if you have removed your inhibitors.

However hard you open your mind you cannot understand God bastard! What is the origin of the gravitational forces mr. scientist?

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What you are trying to do here sir is to fit the entire ocean water in a pot…your mind being the pot here.


No need of name calling. There are things that are called philosophical questions and yes they do not have a clear answer but they challenge the mind to open up and become aware of thing that you weren’t aware of. Do not become emotional because philosophy is not for the faint hearted and not for people who cant challenge the established social dogmas. If we didn’t have akina Galileo and akina Aristotle dnt knw what we would have become, questions are good provide they are in search of knowledge.

Enough of the lesson, sources of energy still baffle scientist, coz it cant be created nor destroyed from our own understanding. That daent mean we need to jump in to conclusion that thats Gods work, it a hypothesis that needs to be looked into just like any other. I have always been against the nortion of limiting our creativity coz at God will punish you, thats crap. God created us to adventures and conquer new worlds of knowledge and space. I view the entire cosmos as a puzzle that was left for us to crack. Understanding everything will be the completion of the puzzle.

This notion that God is too big to comprehend thats a failures mind and a demon to that effect coz as Christians say when you limit yourself thats the devil speaking to you.

The thing is we dont debate or try to explain things without evidence. If there is no evidence we leave it there until we find evidence to explain it. That is the scientific method, and it works. This has bee discussed extensively in older posts in case you came here late. for example, most bacterial STDs such as syphilis were associated with the wrath of god, and people like you defended that albeit without evidence, until Alexander fleming discovered penicilin and that was the game changer. Alexander didnt just stumble upon penicilin, he examined disease from the perspective of the scientific method, and with evidence he found a solution.
When we look at that particular case of penicilin, people would rather have tried to use scientific method much earlier that blame non existent gods.