Nairobi lawyer Cliff Ombeta has been ordered to get another advocate to represent three accused persons in the Willy Kimani murder case.
High Court Judge Jessie Lessit said if Ombeta will not have recovered by next month, he will have no choice but to hand over the case to someone else.
She issued the orders on Wednesday after the court was told that Ombeta is still recuperating and is on medication.
This is the third time that Ombeta failed to appear in court to represent his three clients.
Meanwhile, lawyer Kevin Michuki will now represent the fifth accused person in the case.

Hehehehehehe! Ombetta’s tactics are always far from lawyerly.

@digi nilikuambia nini?

LSK is letting this charlatan make a mockery of the profession and the judicial process.
No wonder a loudmouth like Nelson Mavi has an actual chance of becoming its President

He is a criminal lawyer…Literally.

Wacha haraka, let the case continue before we make judgments


true dat but he is slowing justice towards the kimani’s and the rest. He should be cut off the case by any means

We don’t know what is cooking in his pot.We should wait and see …Anaezasema courtroom ni ndogo na hayuko comfortable kufanyia kesi hapo ndani

And to think that Willie WAS also a Lawyer.

Why should cliff be ordered? Shouldn’t the Accused look for another lawyer himself?

Because he filed for the defence. The judge is looking at documents Ombetta wrote, signed and lodged.

Hii ghassia kwekwe squad Ama hessy wangeangusha

In all the noise sometimes you come across something interesting.
The last time Ombetta appeared in court wearing casual wear and declined to divulge the nature of his illness Havi made an interesting comment about Ombetta.
He said and also quoted a case from India that there’s generally an unwritten agreement among lawyers that any lawyer killers should never get legal representation from the rest of the fraternity.
He said Ombetta had made a mistake in accepting the case.
Make what you can out of that.

Hapana, wewe watch sinema. Hawa ni wale wenye nchi wakitoka,planet earth watoto wanachapania mali hadi unashindwa ni ya nini hio mali.

For example, lawyer Ritho :

Sh3 billion Ritho family estate row deepens as wife’s body found - The Standard

And he’s doing a pro Bono service.

hivi ni kama yeye ni judas:D:D…I think he knows what he is doing and maybe he is in it for the money…Somehow I know he will find a way out without shame or looking like a coward…

Ombetta hatambui pro bono.

Is Ombetta even a good defense lawyer. I thought his job is to bribe officials and secure bail .