Omanga as CAS Interior is a joke (Prisons Sh4.8 billion scandal still fresh)

Joke of the decade since independence as President RUto appoints Millicent Omanga as CAS Interior.

Omanga might have been given a leeway to eat properly.

Do you remember when she was involved in the Prisons Department tender scandal worth Sh4.8 billion?

Omanga, through her Milways Enterprises, was to make Sh200 million from overpricing riffle slings at a cost of Sh5000 each, yet riffles come from the manufacturer with a sling already installed.


a condition to be appointed in Arap SINGHs govt is a criminal record.

but i think in the interior ministry CAS ange appoint an expert in security issues (millitary/police background ) asaidie hio mumeru ya Soprano

She is a conduit ya matender ya Zakayo. Zakayo anajua chenye anafanya. Interior ministry is highly funded

Her fellow CASs in that docket are career security chiefs. Tunai rose to the level of Director at the NIS intelligence Academy while Ambassador Saleh was RC North Eastern and helped solve many security matters.

Omanga ni macho ya mkubwa pale. She must checkmate all the crooks na make sure wanaogopa kufanya vitu kando na vile boss amesema.

Hadn’t seen it from that angle. You are always very well informed. Quite an insider

@Ubongo thanks. If you get time kindly read the report of the commission of inquiry into the activities of Charles Mugabe Njonjo.

Stanley oloitiptip was a minister for local Government. His two assistants were Noah Katana na Ngala and Fred Gumo. These were sons of Moi’s friends. They were keenly spying on him and reporting to Nyayo. When Nyayo decided to crush him he did not last a year before he died due to being harassed by the state.

Many people we take as friends or even mentees at the workplace are spies.

Both Ngala and Gumo would go on to serve in positions of increasing authority in Government.