Olympian Nick Okoth wails after losing

And gains sympathy of Kenyans on Twitter


Emotions hukubalika in sports. But you live to fight another day.

You can tell the guy puts a lot of pressure on himself. Nimemfeel pia lakini asitense ii maisha you win some you lose some. Amejaribu sana

Our ancestors must be turning in their graves. Real men don’t cry over such things, especially in public.

Kubali matokeo kijana. Hata Jakuon hu loose nyama ikiwa kwa mdomo.

He has been the only consistent Kenya boxer of the last decade.

It only reminds us we’re human being deep down. Ama, hii kijiji is made of Immortal ?

I am not saying he did better than they decided, but olympic boxing judging is never fair. even mayweather himself got silver after giving the opponent a beating. the only way to make it in boxing is to become a bona fide pro. only then the returns may be worth getting punched in the head.

Njaruos and wailing/crying :


In memory of @thirdman , @flashgordon , @Ndauwo and @machette … :D:D:D:D:D












Not forgetting @fmagui !

he’s just too soft
how does a man even acknowledge getting cucked… “wamesema… ni sawa…” “niheshimu mungu…” that especially is the most cucklord thing he said

humble good man

Nick okoth aendee retire awachie vijana ndondi.