olx is getting useless; very very useless

-Is it just me or is anybody else getting frustrated by OLX ? i mean; these days ads are getting rejected as fast as i hit the post button without even being reviewed. is it that they have incompetent I.T personnel or Nairobi aviation graduates for web designers? No grounds for rejection whatsoever even if i check my email to find out whether i made an error in filling out the fields or whatever error their f**ked up systems will detect. When i try contacting the number given on their homepage for assistance their coward assess are nowhere to be heard from. Is there a mother site similar to olx where i can post my ads or do we have to put up with this B.S in the name of a monopoly AD site? wana ufala sana siku-hizi olx nkt!

Hiyo kelele yote umepigia mtu ambaye anarun biashara yake na hajali juu yako hataa? Pole kwako.

uza jumia

hiyo kelele yote nimewaandikia kwa wall yao twitter na facebook hadi hiyo namba yao ya simu nikawatumia hii post kama sms. just giving guyz a heads up. screw u @kijana mrefu, hawa majamaa wa olx wana tu mess mbaya sana; since morning uploading ads and all of them being rejected am very frustrated naweza bonda mtu na hii probox yangu, nkt

swafi lemmi try

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Boss, it’s a private biashara. Use that negative energy elsewhere. Kuja ktalk kupiga kelele ni kukoroga maji ya kunywa.

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nikiikoroga na juice si itakua tamu?

Serikali itakusaidia olx iwache kukufinyilia. Pigia Sonko Rescue Team wakuclickie mouse wakiwa watu sita labda post itaingia.


hehehe, @kijana mrefu kua mpole

Try jumia lakini make sure products zako ni mpya na si mtush

Olx is on sale on Olx. May be the reason.

:smiley: @Hash_Tag hapo hujaambiwa poa

usingangane saana. Unda Ad site yako. Ata yahoo walikuwa

OLX can be tricky website to use… the number of con-men on it are also remarkably high, but there are also the good ones… but are this online classifieds really safe? check this out… http://itechjungle.com/kenyan-korna/to-use-or-not-to-use-olx-and-online-classifieds/

Hiyo site iko na jina yako. Why are you disparaging olx? marketing a site that way is pathetic.

craigslist kenya