Ole Rungu Still at Large!


A wild check on the presidency website and I was shocked to find that this nigga is still being glorified or is itr being fronted as the CS for Interior and Coordination of National Government. Did he stage manage a coup against the rightful Maj-Gen (rtd) Joseph Nkaissery to make it to the top again after he terribly failed to guard Kenyans against the Alshabab insurgents? (just thinking out loud about this terrible personality in the Kenyan history.

Criticizing is easy, would you perform better than him if by some miracle you found your self thrust in the same position?? Can you face a barrage of TV, radio and other reporters and answer their questions coherently?

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Why would he have to. Complete this @Mathice, 'Empty drums…

I saw the guy the other day at Gertrude hospital and going by what I witnessed (bodyguard, serious pajero and a chauffeur) I think he is still holding a very senior position in government.

Thats why a senior cook should stay in the kitchen

Ole Lenku hakuwa na shida yoyote. Arent people still being killed??