Ole Itumbi

Kikuyu news at one.
‘Jaji kurekia Itumbi’.

Am off for lunch, matusi acheni hapo nitasoma nikirudi.

Are you trying to say that Marife hatalala leo?

Direct translation: Judge lays egg :D:D:D

@spear , hiyo 100k ni kidogo sana.
I now believe state itawithdraw charges in the near future.
Seems huyu kijana knows a lot he bargained his way out of jail


this is a chess game being played, itumbi and co have the upper hand. the video and audio will probably not be released it has more power as a negociation tool

leo kiino itatambua itumbi ako huru. ekuhurwo njuthi ete nyina

Jaji kurekia itumbi- Judge has laid an egg, thus she is just a useless chicken.
Jaji kurekia itumbi- the judge has dropped the egg, thus the egg might break and perish.

So video iko na uzito eh? Niliona upuus za treason charges nikacheka tu. One guy swears himself in mbele ya umati and the headline is that there are others who chickened out halafu hii jamaa is only accused of forwarding then they threaten with treason? @spear ukipata audio video tuma kwa inbox. Looks like it was genuine

Ati “UHURU AKUTANA NA POMBE” Ntv intern was shown the door? @digi @Digidigi uko wapi utuambie kama ni ukweli?:D:D:D

Video ishatoka

Sir, unaniita kwa shadows. No headline thread, page sijui no 4.

Itumbi is out. No surprise at all. Today was uneventful for me just like the day he was arrested. The sparks is only online that day and today. We knew he was getting out by Saturday. What was eventful has passed while he was in Muthaiga police station. He supporters and rivals showed up in equal measure. They say nobody climbs a tree with no fruits. What was interesting were the intermediaries sent by kitaeleweka to meet him. Media people from githeri media. However you know by now President Uhuru and DP Uncle Ruto met over the last week to discuss party issues and infighting among members. So the decisions made there has trickled down to everyone who is anyone. We will see this play out going forward.

So in summary:

DCI Nation media - githeri media branch
Brown envelopes of treason charges, fake letter charges, FBI detectives:D:D (that’s my favourite, someone fertile imagination convinced people langley is idle enough to think this is remotely their interest).
DCI online branch - It was fun, I swear when you people leave the comfort of your sitting rooms you can solve Ouko murder in 1 hr.

Question; What has Itumbi been charged with??? Forwarding a document in WhatsApp group. Even OPP is staying clear of this botched intimidation panic arrest from DCI kinoti on orders from kibicho.

On Saturday another "central development’ meeting was staged at Safari Park to show force and chest thumping and it literary had blows flying. Msaliti ni nani? They have heard the audio and its sparking an infighting. Who really is the hunter and the hunted here.

Nancy Gitau you and 13 others sat down President Uhuru in State house in 2013 to force him to step down for your puppet Madvd. It worked temporarily, within 2 years you got kicked out after ICC documents showed your dealings. In 2017 you tried to rig in former MPs and governors in 2017 in that failed Friday Jubilee nomination causing the whole event to fail. You were fired. On Monday they all got swept by the members for new people. This succession you will not try and control it at the shadows of boardrooms. You have to put yourself out in public, say those nasty things live live and watch the reaction. We are doing things live and in public going forward. It seems airing the videos and audio can break government and Presidency so let’s see what DP Uncle Ruto will say about the direction we are heading.

Liwe Liwalo!!

FBI are not here[SIZE=1] coz of the Turkana chopper crash[/SIZE]?

You are not the FBI spokesman here:D:D
That position was already filled:D:D

That is if Itumbi is upto task

Central visit cancelled once again

These bloggers kuna mmoja atafungwa akuwe funzo kwa wengine. I dont think this law sine last year has been tested http://kenyalaw.org/kl/fileadmin/pdfdownloads/Acts/ComputerMisuseandCybercrimesActNo5of2018.pdf


Itumbi is a pawn in a much bigger game.