Old vehicles banned in Mombasa

Hawa ma MCA wamepata pesa sasa wanaona sisi ni watu hivi hivi, chuma chao ki motoni, juzi tu walipitisha bill ingine eti kila biashara iweke portrait ya Governor. Nisisi na wao 2017. Haiko mbali.

Heheheehe, imagine, pia kuna NTSA wamesems DL sio wallet, if an officer find money in your dl it will be considered as an attempt to bribe and will attract additional charges.


NTSA seem to be making their own laws with impunity, how can you ban a whole sacco for two weeks coz of one rouge driver? hio ingine ya newlook dl bado ni hekaya.

Nilidhani ni possible kurecall hawa wanasiasa?

So nikibring my fote fae year old ponti itakuamia kwa port? Na hizo ports zingine and tz zina huu ujinga?

In my view, I think its the responsibility of the saccos to train and manage their drivers and touts to be orderly and responsible on the roads. NTSA yao ni tu kuweka rules that should be followed, and inform/notify saccos on penalties to be faced with if they dont comply. I would like to believe that if the careless driver had been properly vetted and trained we wouldn’t be talking about this.

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