Old Unrelentless Folks

Hey talkers,

Do you guys ever face anything that rubs you off the wrong way? I have a grandmother and a grandfathee who refuse to go home. They are 70+ yrs of age, old age is slowly imobilising them, they have negligible appetite, sickly and need alot of attention.

Dont get me wrong. Caring for them is no problem but they have this fear that if they go to shags they will be forgotten until they die. So We do turns caring for them, leo ako huku Bahati, next week Pangani, and so on. Its always a mini war trying to get them to go home. Sasa mostly the shake huko home is idle. Noone takes care of it and weeds reign supreme huko.

Now I am just asking our bros and sisters from the Hills (Mt. Kenya and its outskirts) how do y’a’ll ensure home is condusive enough to attract your folks to love to stay there especially when old age calls?
Especially for us Lunjes and Luo people, our folks feel umemtupa huko shags ukikula raha Nairobi. It is always comical just suggesting they go home. You have to bribe them.
Halafu this silly mentality that building material poa ziko tu huku Nairobi so they come under that pretext ati anataka Mabati zile ridged, but before you know it it’s four months later na huwezi mshow aende. How do y’all handle stuff like that?

We go home every week. Na kama umekaa sana ni wiki tatu!..you should see ile jam inakuwanga kwa highway every Sunday evening watu wakirudi nairobi. Pia unapiga simu every two days

They are never ideally alone

We have invested business for them. They actually feel they live in a better place huko shags than us in nairobi.

My grandparents hated being in nairobi. If anything this county kills them faster.

Frequent visiting does the trick.

U can also employ someone to be helping them around kuwapikia and kama wako na livestock pia someone to help them…they will have a little heaven of their own…then show them affection by visiting often na kupeleka tu vitu nyumbani and if possible giving them some cash…furthermore wamekulea tangu ukiwa mtoi…wachunge sasa in their old age

Build a good home for them, watafutie house help, visit every weekend.

Funny enough I moved back to the village before my parents did. Na kila mtu aliona kama nimechizi.

jenga nyumba self contained na uweke fence ya chainlink. have a goat or two and some chicken for aesthetics- old folks love mifugo roaming around the home. employ a mboch (ukiweza a female relative mwenye ako na mtoto- they love to watch kids grow).halafu make sure you visit at least once every 10 days. na ujaze kabati na shopping… n whenever you visit…leso for the lady and a godfather hat for the old man. if you can arrange all family meetings at their place. it has worked out with my mum’s grandmom (I don’t know how to call her)…it can definitely work out for you

I think it is impractical to expect someone from Western ama Nynza to visit every weekend or even monthly. Watu wa cendro tuko na bahati ya proximity, like in my case I can manage to visit them after work and still go home later in the evening.

So, the only thing you can do ni vile @Slim_fit amesema hapo juu.

na kama hakuna stima uwanunulie sola na TV. You will never see them in nrb again.

Mount kenya people dont do this a lot unless you invite it or it some serious medical issue. Those western people ndio ubebana clan mzima.

I know of one amekatalia kwa daughter’s place huko Rongai. She’s old and frail. Na sio ati gishagi hakuna watu. Watu wako but amesema wacha aje ale blue band Nairobi from Igoji.

Very true.

umemea nairofi.watembelee nyumbani atleast after every two weeks

Good idea… I will try this asap

Hahaha they have this notion that their well off son/daughter is their beast of burden. Though it sucks they have a right

Maze going to busia every week is not easy Kama huna pesa mzuri or project important huko.

Kwetu ungepewa VE title hats Kama you aren’t married yet


You are admitting here the shamba is overgrown and as such not very hospitable. Which means there’s no one who takes care of it, and you expect them to. That’s a scary prospect for old geezers.

Start by employing one or two people to make the place beautiful, trim, approachable… and most importantly, productive (hata kama it just breaks even) - then you can “ask” for their help in “supervising” it.

Wakiingia box, then organize regular get-togethers huko as much as you can. During long Holidays unatupa watoto huko so that wewe na your spouse get an inhibited chance to make new ones.