Old town youth gangs attack tourists

This is very bad for tourism…these stories will be widely reported in our European source markets.

These groups are just as bad as terrorists.


Wamemulikwa. Team building coming up.

teja huwaga shida

Mimi kama mzee wa kaya itabidi nifike huko mtaani niwaonyeshe mabamdogo njia nzuri.

That’s terrible!

All I remember about old town is the ever present smell of feaces !

Whenever any of this thugs is shot their cunt mothers comeout crying mtoto wangu then Haki Africa ndio hao mbio to the scene.
This are same kids that go on stabbing sprees !

Tbh waswahili huwapenda watoto wao sanaa, even to the kids own detriment.

Wewe huwaunatembea old town ya wapi ambapo pananuka mavi?

Watoto wavivu na ni addicts wa mihadarati.

Huko hakukaliki.

Kaffir alitembea kwa Bi Muuza Mkundu . Hapo ndipo alipodunga akanusa.

Kuna Dawa …
Hivi Karibuni Watakipata… :D:D


A mzungu got her phone snatched and now you’re making it out to be some kind of national disaster? So what if tourists don’t come?

Do you think we’ve forgotten that linda nchi was officially launched over some whites being kidnapped?

Enyewe Africans are slaves

Operation Linda Inchi was long overdue …

Your Jubilee Wheelbarrow Bottom-Up Hustlers were focused on Handshakes , 67 Dams and 9 National Stadiums … :D:D

No need to go after flies with a sledgehammer …

We used to have a Police Plain Clothes Strike Force called “Kwekwe” who moved around in unmarked vehicles or on foot patrols in small units …

Some clever IG disbanded the Unit … :D:D

Security is important hakuna mtu amekataa and it’s not a secret that the police operate death squads, they’re useless at anything else

My issue is GK doing shit only when it starts affecting white people.

Anyway, IMF conditions are on the way, I hope ushajipanga :D:D