Old school hiphop...Remember this?


Am a huge fan of old school hiphop…I have refused to move on from the era of:
DMX - lord give me a sign, ruff ryders anthem, who we be…etc
Coolio - Gangster paradise
Salt N pepper - Push it
Naughty by Nature - Ghetto bastard
And old school is not old school without Tupac.
What’s your favourite old school jam/s?


Tupac, Lost Boyz, and Biggie smalls(notorious BIG)

Queen pen ft. lost boys party ain’t a party

Ice cube- it was a good day


[MEDIA=vimeo]17999624[/MEDIA], [MEDIA=vimeo]60980212[/MEDIA], [MEDIA=vimeo]18552096[/MEDIA]

U can try those thre links n see if they suit u


waaah. hizi mix ni fire(esp hio iko na vhs tapes on cover). this DJ Epidemix nuff respec!! thanks Vipul

Most welcome Marachi have u sampled this guy Billy from emba… working for code red at USA
[MEDIA=vimeo]3768033[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=vimeo]7874473[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=vimeo]19145988[/MEDIA]

Sample these three from the guy and tell me how they get you man

sawasawa man, i will.

Hazitadisappoint beleive u me