Old monkey

Hii maneno ya kungoa nugu zangu utawacha


being the first to comment in your listing is like…

why do monkeys have huge balls and teeny weeny weiners?

They arent tiny weenies. Its humans who have typically disproportionately big weenies.

Urongo yako, what about donkeys? Have you ever seen the penis of a tortoise?

I didnt say its the largest. Only that it is large for a mammal. It is still disproportionately large compared with the body weight in the light of many other mammals. It is even larger when compared with cousin primates. Similarly, we could say that for a mammal, a buffallo or a hippo is big, but the Asian elephant is bigger, and we still have the even bigger african bush elephant.

lickin ua own balls …:D:D:D

Elaborate kiasi dugu…