Old Kikuyu Grandma Lectures Uhuru badly- Uhuru Kwisha


:D:D:D Kwa ground things are different

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But in 2017 wazee kama yeye walibebwa hadi na stretchers ndio wapigie Kamwana kura. Back then he was the prince of Kenya and nobody could say otherwise. What’s changed? Could it be his newfound alliance with the Jaruo kingpin whom he promised to send home? No, can’t be that. It must be that, suddenly, for some reason, they woke up one day and realized PORK is a corrupt, inept man-child. Yeah, that has to be it.

We agree ground has shifted and no way Uhuru will recover or even Raila…It will require a genius to stop Ruto.

BBINonsense! How is it a priority to Kenya? Cucu ameshindwa kwa nini Kamwana anawaletea RAO… Halafu Kamwana ako n mashamba mingi na hata hawezi kuwagawia hata ka-quarter… BBC (Ooops! BBI) ni nini? Akwende huko… sisi ndio tulimchagua na nchi siyo yake… I hope mama analipa Ushuru!


They are overjoyed listening to this cucu talk about nothing new. In 2 years from now watakuwa wakidai haki yao ma hurrubaro zikiacha kusambazwa

And konyagi is even making it worse with sagana meetings.
The ground is now waiting for them MCA’s that kulad 2 m each

Why do you think Ruto is the answer to their problems? One thing that is clear is that he will not be president in 2022. Mark this post.

I think the right question should be "why do they think Uncle Machos is the answer to their problems? … hio khasia WNBP

UK has not managed the whole thing well… and then BBI should not have been the priority to the people now… And WSR took advantage and stole and sold himself to the ignorant peasants… But he will not make it either way…

“But in 2017 wazee kama yeye walibebwa hadi na stretchers ndio wapigie Kamwana kura”…

No No."They were not voting for Wanjohi Wa Mashati! They were voting AGAINST Kimundu.

Actually upon further inspection, this is in Rift Valley. The Kikuyus there are voting for Ruto for survival and peace.

Actually this is the same thing in Gatundu where I come from… Many might not say it in front of camera but that resonates well with the people mashinani… that is why Kamwana has not been going to meet the people as expected and when he was asked on radio when he was live on all vernacular stations… he insisted that he is not even going mashinani soon… eti hajamaliza kazi… what he promised them

Then they figured out Ruto is the only one to clear the mess. Can’t make this shit up! If it were within my powers, I would ban okuyu peasants from being anywhere within a ten kilometer radius to a polling station on election day.

All the other candidates have to go to the ground and appeal to the people for votes. Anyway feel free to disagree but to me, if the Kikuyu peasants stick to their guns and vote for Ruto against whichever candidate Uhuru fronts, I’ll applaud them because it will the first time they will have voted in their own interests & against their tribe.

The BBI chyeth should just die a natural death. With the already overloaded representation, they still want more na wananichi fulani kubaff hawaoni hii