Old Kenya talk...

So many great Kenyans have walked this street and I wonder what happened… Kenyatalk.com nowadays is all abt posting Lanyes Pics and reference to brothels in town… SAD!

What do you post,instead of lamenting?

You joined kenyatalk.com when I left…

kijiji is fully aligned with nature. boys will always be boys.


Now that you are back ,be useful.

that’s the change process.
everything changes for the worst or our expectations remain the same while things are changing.

the same way everyone is lamenting about music, relationships, art, movies…
the funny thing is the current generation will always find them interesting until they also outgrow them.

Let me too ask… What do you post?

Are you going to cry now? Ghaseer

There’s good stuff. Just read between the lines. You will get an answer to what you are looking for.

You’d be surprised how intelligent a thread can get in a hearbeat, otherwise @Ssess is doing a stupendous job

But that also depends on the sections you’re visiting,that means you only go to hekayas,sex and relationships.otherwise other sections like real estate,business,motoring have very useful info

True. The Kijiji has a life of its own and it goes through different stages. Who knows? Maybe in 10 years time it will be a strictly religious post only, or a UN recognized Heritage…who knows?


Hahahaha! Tiga guthekia mani. ATI strictly religious?!